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Using our intuition powerfully and intuitively!

Nov 23, 2016

Would you like to use your intuition in your coaching practice, but not sure how? Would you like to support your clients to tap into their own internal voice and pay attention to the myriad of possibilities open to them to widen their perspective?

If so, you are on the way to supporting your client even more effectively. The great thing is – we all have intuition, and like achieving a strong body, we have to exercise our intuition to understand how to listen to it, just like we have to exercise to gain body strength.

To create conscious awareness about your own intuition, ask yourself, what are some of the best decisions you have experienced in your life? Were those decisions made after painstakingly long process of working this out, or did you find you took action on a hunch, a feeling, a sense, or inner knowing.  How many decisions have you made in your life you simply knew were right?

And conversely, how many opportunities did you let go of because you followed the logical route instead of paying attention to what your heart said?

Intuition is often described as a gut feeling, a knowing, or something we cannot fully put words to. At Empower World, we believe the coaching experience for both the coach and the coachee can be greatly enhanced if both parties tap into their inner resources and pay attention to the knowledge their intuition is sharing with them.

Coaching is often described as both an art and a science, and so using both our heads and our hearts and paying attention to our thoughts, behaviour patterns and values together with connecting to our intuition and emotions can provide valuable information to support our client to understand more clearly what they want.

As you begin to build the muscle of using your intuition in your coaching practice, here are a few ways to support you and at the same time is empowering to your clients:

  • Imagine yourself as a detective and stay in curiosity about your client
  • Ask questions that support the clients to open up to new perspectives and information that shows up for them
  • Share your intuition – your hunches – with your clients and ask them what their intuition, or what is there ‘gut’ or feeling telling them
  • Pay attention to the body language of your clients and reflect it back to them and ask what is happening as their physiology changes
  • Support your clients to slow things down and listen to their internal wisdom
  • Pay attention to the emotions that come up in coaching conversations as they are sign posts when things are on or off track
  • By stretching your intuitive muscle – you support your client to have the courage to listen to themselves and in turn create new awareness which support them to create new perspectives and ways forward.

Be empowered.

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