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Leaders With Superpowers: Coaching And Communication Skills

Jun 20, 2024

At Empower World, we love to acknowledge and champion our coaches. Empower World alumna Aleksandra Lazarevska (who completed our coach training in 2022) is a leader who coaches and supports leaders to become even more effective using the skills of coaching.

Aleksandra is also proactive in her writing to support leaders, which we’ve enjoyed reading, and wanted to share her recent article highlighting how leaders can support and inspire their teams with the skills of communication - which is what coaching skills are based upon.

With Aleksandra’s permission, enjoy her article below:

How to Be an Effective Leader and Inspire Your Team

Behind every team is a leader who inspires them to succeed. If you’re in this position in your career, you know how much responsibility comes with the job. You’re always thinking on your feet and making decisions that require much thought and consideration. Having the confidence to move forward, regardless of how challenging things get, is a core part of everything you do.

No matter how experienced or confident you are, there are moments when you might question if you’re doing everything right. Before you feel defeated or get ahead of yourself, you need to focus on what you’re already good at. Lead with your strengths, and the rest will come.

Let’s discuss more about what leadership means for executives and then go over how to lead a team effectively. Then you can put these tips into action to lead your team to success!

Why Leadership is Key for Management and Senior Roles

The best leaders always place their team at the core of everything they do. An executive role is inherently a leadership position, so being able to engage those around you is crucial. Leadership, in itself, is the act of influencing individuals and guiding them toward a desired outcome. For executives, this is aligned with the organization you work for as you and your team share a common goal.

Being a Great Leader for Your Team is Important for:

📈 Promoting productivity 

🌟 Setting a good example 

🏢 Fostering an ideal work environment 

📋 Keeping employees on track 

💬 Improving and facilitating communication 

💪 Motivating employees 

🎯 Inspiring a sense of purpose 

Companies thrive with a leader who can get everyone on the same page with an overall goal in mind. The next phase is equipping yourself with the right know-how to become an inspiring leader!

How to Become an Effective Leader in the Workplace

You know why leadership is important for your role; now it’s time to put a plan into action! How will you inspire your team and lead them effectively? It’s in your hands; you have the skills and passion to be the best leader you can be. The next step is creating a solid strategy to make it happen!

If you’re wondering how to lead a team effectively in an executive position, here are a few key methods:

1. Communicate Clear Goals and Expectations

Start by setting objectives and tasks for your team and encouraging questions or feedback. Honest and open communication will make a world of difference here. You want to ensure there’s no confusion about what needs to be done and how it should be done. When your team knows what’s expected of them and can reach out to you if needed, this will help everyone work together as efficiently as possible.

2. Highlight the Achievements of Your Team

If you want your team to go above and beyond, you need to make sure their efforts don’t go unnoticed. People want to know that their work will always be appreciated and valued. When someone does a stellar job, let them know! Show recognition by telling them directly or sharing the achievements with the entire team and thanking them for their hard work. Celebrate wins, no matter how big or small, to encourage everyone to continue to do their best.

3. Build Real Connections and Foster Trust

Leaders and their teams need to mutually understand and trust each other. By making an effort to connect and build connections, you can better understand their goals and motivations. Focus on getting to know your team on a more personal level. What are their interests, personalities, and hobbies? See each team member for who they are, not just as an employee but as a person too.

4. Become a Confident Decision Maker

As you learn how to become an effective leader, part of this is being fully confident in all of your decisions. As an executive, a significant part of your job is the ability to make fast and sometimes difficult decisions. Think about what you’re trying to achieve, weigh out the options, look for alternatives, and consider the outcomes of each direction you can take. Once you make that final decision, take responsibility for whatever comes with it and own it.

5. Encourage Growth and Give Feedback

In order to guide your team in the right direction, you have to be comfortable with providing feedback, even if it’s constructive criticism. How else will they know how to improve or correct any mistakes? Knowing exactly how to deliver feedback without being too harsh is the key to encouraging growth. Empower them to continue to learn new skills and take on new challenges.

Let’s Reach Your Fullest Potential as a Strong Leader

Being an effective leader and inspiring your team starts with building your confidence from within. Do you feel as though you’re a natural-born leader? Start by leading with the strengths you already have and what you know you’re good at (a DISC assessment is the first step to uncovering this!). These are the things that come naturally to you as you lead your team in your executive position. Leave room for improvement as you gain knowledge and experience in your role to further your leadership skills. This is when you can walk into a room confidently, trusting yourself to lead your team to greatness!

Aleksandra Lazarevska is an Empower World-trained coach who is currently working towards her International Coaching Federation Professional Coaching Certification (PCC).

You can connect with Aleksandra 👉 here!

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