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Coach-Enhancing & Personal Development Training Programmes

Empower World offers a variety of programmes for your personal and professional development. All programmes are open to coaches and the general public. All skill levels and backgrounds welcome.

Complimentary Empower World Alumni Webinar: My Fears Don't Frighten Me

Date: May 25, 2022.

Time: 12:00 PM Qatar Time

During the session, Asmaa intends to dig deep into the different fears that can hold us back from living our potential, as well as how we react differently to fear.

You'll leave this session with new a perspective about fear which can sometimes become the 'coat hanger' on which we hang our dreams and aspirations - putting off what we know deep down we want to create.

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Empower World Reflective Space: for Coaches and Practitioners

Date: June 6, 2022.

Time: 12:30 PM Qatar Time

The intention of this regular monthly online one hour event is to provide you with a regular an empowering habit of self reflection in a safe, connected and creative space in which reflection on your practice and who you are being as a coach, practitioner can occur.

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Complimentrary Webinar: 2022 Is The Year To Become A Professional Coach

Webinar Details 

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If you are ready for significant enriched change in your life and want to make a profound difference in other people's lives, and don't know how, during this webinar you will: Understand more about what you want to achieve for yourself at a greater level of awareness and Learn coaching models which you can utilise any time to support living your best life.

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5 Secrets to Becoming A World-Class Internationally Recognised Coach’ - an 11 min podcast

In this powerful podcast we share the 5 inside secrets the world's top coaches use to get the best results for their clients. These ways of being and processes are what gives coaches the edge to support their clients to get the best results and transformational change from anyone they apply them to. This is a must listen podcast by ICF MCC (Master Certified Coaches) coaches Marie Quigley and Jeanine Bailey.

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Powerful Free Podcast ‘5 Secrets to Becoming A World-Class Internationally Recognised Coach‘

These 5 secrets they share with you will reveal what the most respected coaches in the world do, to get the most sought-after clients and get the very best out of them.

There is no theory- just practical skills, techniques and examples of what they do to win and help their clients succeed.

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The Daring Greatly™ Workshop

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The overall aim of the The Daring Greatly™ Workshop is to support you to ‘dare greatly’ in your life. The material that you will look at is part of the Daring Way™ Curriculum based on Brené Brown’s research material.

This workshop is based on a psycho-educational, experiential curriculum, held in a safe, confidential environment. It is not intended to be therapy or counselling. 

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Coaching is one of the fastest growing professions in the world.  Supporting people, making a difference, working when and where you want, continuously learning and growing, as well as earning healthy income are some of the reasons people are attracted to coaching. Learn more!

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Purpose and Values Workshop

Workshop Details

To Be Confirmed

Imagine living a life on purpose, doing what you love and being richly rewarded for it on many levels: emotionally, spiritually, energetically, and much more!

Imagine waking up every morning feeling alive, inspired, on purpose ready to face the day with joy and gratitude! How amazing life would be?!

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