‘5 Secrets to Becoming A World-Class Internationally
Recognised Coach’ - an 11 min podcast’

Featuring Jeanine Bailey and Marie Quigley: International Coaching Federation
Master Certified Coaches (ICF MCC)


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If you want to become a world-class coach known for your masterful work, then you will want to learn these 5 key tips from two of the world's top coaches. Marie Quiqley and Jeanine Bailey reveal 5 of the most important skills and techniques you must embody to become a masterful coach and why.

These 5 key skills shared by Jeanine and Marie are what coaches do to support their clients in empowering ways, which leads to demand for their services. There is no theory here: they share what is truly important from a coach competency perspective as well as their own rich experiences to support the clients they work with in a powerful and transformative way.

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About Your Hosts

Marie and Jeanine passionately partner with people and organisations to achieve their goals, dreams and legacy by supporting them to unlock their hidden and powerful possibilities within. They support the creation of significant transformational and sustainable behavioural change to achieve measurable success far beyond what is expected.

Jeanine and Marie have over 30 years of professional coaching experience in the corporate environment across many countries partnering with global blue chip organisations.

They have a consistent track record of realising highly effective modern coaching, facilitating and training practices that delivers superior people performance, providing not only the structure and support, but also the skills and tools to allow people to reach their true potential.

  • MCC Master Certified Coaches
  • Certified Coach Supervisors
  • Certified in Conversational Intelligence® (the neuroscience behind conversations)
  • Extended DISC (behavioural profiling) accredited provider and facilitators
  • Certified appreciative inquiry facilitator
  • NLP Practitioners
  • Certified Daring Way™ facilitator

  • Dare to Lead™ facilitators

  • HeartMath Mentor and Coach

Testimonials for Diamond Advanced Coaching Skills Training


Melissa Loizou

ICF Executive Coach and
Life Coach Traine

Faten El Ayache

Life & Executive Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, CIPD Certified Trainer

Nadim Bitar

Chief Operating Officer Boom General Contractors W.L.L

What People Are Saying About The Training


Fergal O’Malley

Advanced Paediatric Nurse 


Maryna Shchapina

Director of Hospitality


Payal Mehta

Founder Healing Life

Pam Naidoo

Resourcing Manager Vodafone Qatar

Empower World has once again surpassed themselves. Marie and Jeanine's sharing of knowledge has been amazing. I feel I came as an empty book and leaving this room as a “bestseller”. The self awareness again has been transformational. I love the way you both facilitate and this case is something that I will recommend to all new coaches who want the edge that will take them to next level.

Lena Nassar

Leadership and Life Coach

It was an amazing experience and I could learn a lot with all the details and requirements for executive coaching. I am sure that everyone could have that great benefit as well and I found it a very good learning feedback, which I would like everyone to have. In general, all the days that I attended were great and made an amazing change for me.

Robin Regular

Leadership and Life Coach

Empower World continues to offer opportunities to explore, expand and evolve as a coach in the coaching community they have created. Their advanced training programme elaborates on broad and complex topics in a simple and applicable way. The delivery methods reach all learning styles and leave participants reflecting a new found knowledge and a thirst for more.