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Reflecting to Learn and Grow

Jan 12, 2017

Happy New Year everyone! May 2017 be filled with love joy and fulfillment for everyone of us.

Thank you to all of you for connecting with us during 2016, whether it be by listening to the Coaching and Leadership podcast, attending our trainings, taking our coaching programs or otherwise. And thank you for making the difference you do in whatever shape or form you do.

Empower World would not be the same without your love, connection and support, and we are truly grateful!

2016 was a magnificent, inspiring and challenging year – filled with both growth in our programmes, ourselves and with others, as well as letting go of things that no longer serve us.

We have grown from two people who attempted to do it all into a team of 7 plus people who have supported our stretching and allowed us to spread our word in a more effective manner.

Huge thanks to Melissa Loizou and Siobhian Whitty – our Empower World executive coaches and our coach training front of the room leaders – who delivered their first training sessions at the end of 2016.

Many thanks to Clare Hadley, Michelle Arscott, May-Britt Searty, Trish Mills – and anyone else who has referred people to our programmes – for your support in sharing your knowledge about Empower World. And bringing people on board to our coach training.

And a big thanks to our newly appointed committed communications manager Arslan Athar and our creative Business Manager Tracey Livingston for coming on board in 2016: doing what you do well and making the way we work even better.

As we step into this New Year we believe it is really important to pause and reflect and look back at the time that has passed.

First of all we encourage you to celebrate your success: the big and the smaller successes, even if it has been a challenging year. We know you can find positive things that have happened, no matter how small they are. You created those successes and it is part of who you are and who you are becoming. Congratulations are in order.

We also encourage you to spend time practicing self-love and being joyful, and after doing so, look at what didn’t go so well. We find it is immensely powerful to look back at those situations where we fell and scuffed our knees. The times that made our hearts sore, and the times that we doubted ourselves and held ourselves back. The times we may wish never happened.

But the truth is – it is in these difficult times we learn the most. These challenges can support us to create new,  powerful awareness for ourselves. And  with this new awareness we can think, be  and act in a different ways moving  forward if we choose to.

If we want different outcomes this time next year, then we have to do something different now. Below are some powerful questions to support you with your personal and professional reflections:

  1. What are the big and small celebrations, joyful moments and successes in 2016?
  2. What were my disappointments?
  3. What did I handle really badly and what did I learn from this and what will I commit to doing going forward which is more empowering?
  4. What do I need to let go of/ forgive myself for that is looming from last year?
  5. What else did I learn that I really appreciate?
  6. What do I need to do differently this year to get the results I desire?
  7. Who do I need to be in 2017?

And going forward – ask yourself – do I want to come from a place of joy and courage or fear?

To know more about reflection listen to Empower World’s Coaching and Leadership Podcast Episode-82 on iTunes or ‪on Stitcher.

Be empowered.

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