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Become an Irresistible Magnet for your Clients

Mar 02, 2017

  • Are you struggling to attract new business and wondering how you can become a magnet to new clients?
  • Do you want to scale up your coaching business to support more people but don’t know how?
  • And when the business grows, do you want balance in your life?

Whether you’re new to coaching or have been in the field for years, you’re likely to reach a place where you’re ready to take your business and coaching practice to the next level. So it’s important to ensure you have a marketing and business approach and strategy that will serve and support your clients – and importantly yourself.

Too often coaches will spend a lot of time on marketing activities and find they can’t keep up with them when they get clients. And once the client work runs thinner, a whole of energy has to be spent on marketing and sales to get the clients they seek.

We believe having a clever strategy to become a magnet for new clients is extremely valuable for coaches. Joe Kershaw, Co-Founder & Director at The Digital Institute and Managing Director at Focused Results Digital Marketing Agency says being a magnet for our clients is the key to creating a sustainable and successful business.

Joe is a trained coach and has worked with hundreds of coaches to become more successful and profitable, including Empower World.

He believes a critical factor for becoming an irresistible magnet to generating new clients in an effective and economical way is by being an authority in your niche or target market.

Joe found that, “if we can make up a character or avatar to represent our entire target market, then we can write that blog article or record that video as if we’re talking to that one person.” When we know their exact needs, it becomes all about helping that niche community and speaking to what matters most to them.

Being an authority in your niche provides:

  • a focus for coaches to build their business around – a solid foundation to enhance and refine
  • a pathway to become an authority in a particular niche whereby you create a loyal following, and
  • a much easier and effortless marketing strategy because you know your market, you have built a following of people or organisations with similar needs, and you understand what works really well and what doesn’t.

How do you get here?

Joe recommends starting with these two effective steps to becoming a magnet to attract new clients.

Step #1: Get to Know your Avatar and your niche

What is an avatar? It is simply an archetype of a person who represents your niche market – it is the primary image of a person who you’re ultimately aiming to support. It’s much more specific than our target audience.

For example, an avatar might be something like expat women aged between 30 and 40 years who want to reach senior-level positions in their companies. This avatar is much more specific than having a target audience of “all people who seek senior-level positions” no matter the age, gender or nationality. It doesn’t mean you rule out working with people outside of your avatar, but it does mean you have a much better opportunity of connecting with a particular audience and building a reputation and a following.

If you haven’t identified your Avatar of niche market yet, Empower World’s and Joe’s advice is to work with a ton of people. The more you work with different people, the more you will realize who you get energized and passionate about supporting and engaging with.

He says, “As you get more and more experience, you start noticing you get more energy from certain people and others are draining or take longer to get results.”

Step #2: List Out the Problems and Make the Solutions Public

Identify all the pain points and challenges for your niche. Make an extensive list and once you have a list of 10 to 20 pain points, you can ask yourself: How can I publicly start helping these people? And formulate pathways or possible solutions for your client to overcome challenges or take up opportunities.

Joe recommends we ask ourselves, “If I was in the room with a person for 5 minutes facing a specific problem, what would I teach them that is solutions and results oriented?”

From there, you can get very specific about the way you would support, communicate and market to your clients and where they can be found. For example, which social media channels are they likely to use and therefore write blogs or posts.  Or if they hang out in a physical space like networking events, organize a speaking engagement or event.

Wherever your niche is found, your goal should be to communicate with your avatar based on their interests, passions and challenges, rather than a large audience with fragmented interests.

A two-step process example

Joe shares an example of a coach who called herself a Leadership Coach – which as he said – many people call themselves this title, which doesn’t really set you out from the crowd. After working with her, asking her questions to get more specific about her avatar, she revealed she loved working specifically with leaders who had underperforming teams or work environments.

This coach then clearly understood how to get real results when there was high turnover or underperformance.  And so her mission was to make a name for herself as an authority in this field by writing about the challenges of her audience and how her area of expertise could support them overcome the hurdles in mediums such as her blogs, newsletters and other channels.

Becoming a magnet for new clients.

Once you follow the two step process above, the right clients start to notice they feel you’re speaking directly to them! They begin following your content, ordering products, getting involved with events and can become some of your highest revenue streams if they ask to invest in your added value services.

As you position yourself as the expert, people will come to you saying “you’ve helped me, thank you” and you may not have met them before, and they may become your next new client.

Listen to Empower World’s Coaching and Leadership Podcast Episode-85 to hear the full interview with Joe Kershaw, Co-Founder & Director at The Digital Institute and Managing Director at Focused Results Digital Marketing Agency. The full podcast can be found on ‪iTunes or ‪on Stitcher.

Be Empowered.

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