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Why Leadership and Coaching Skills are Inextricably Linked (Part 1)

Aug 21, 2023

In our recent podcast: Why Leadership and Coaching Skills are Inextricably Linked, we spoke with Katie Mapondera, Entrepreneur, Executive and Team Coach, who shared powerful perspectives on leadership and how it aligns so beautifully with coaching skills based on her own experiences and learning path. In fact, Katie shared so many rich perspectives, this Newsletter is part 1 of a series of 3 newsletters to be shared over the next 6 weeks.

At Empower World, we believe authentic, powerful and positive leadership has an incredible impact on the people who experience heart-centred leadership which 'speaks to' and aligns with the values and what is important to a person or people. Effective leaders who support and lead human beings, versus expecting them to be just human doings.

We understand successful and engaging leadership is about inspiring people to bring out their best so they can do what they do incredibly effectively: for themselves, their counterparts, the organisations and systems they work within and the people they serve.

Katie reinforces this notion – that emotional intelligence skills are what matters most, which she says she learned the hard way.

“In my very first leadership position, I was not a good leader,” Katie honestly and bravely shares. She explains she was shaped by her own experiences of being led from a perspective that what matters most is the strategy, the logic and the systems from a cerebral perspective (which she states was common in all of her experiences).

But in her pursuit of ongoing learning and development – through informal and formal learning, Katie came to realise it’s the ‘soft stuff’ that actually matters. In fact, it is what defines organisational outcomes, and leadership outcomes.

Katie refers to Daniel Goleman who did extensive research on what kind of leadership drives bottom-line results. She says, “He was looking at what type of leadership results in the best possible financial outcomes for companies and what he discovered was that there were these resonant leadership styles: leadership styles that engage the team and galvanise the team in ways that result in them bringing the type of performance that creates results.

“And so in studying Daniel Goleman's work and practicing it, frankly, I spent almost a decade really just trying to integrate my understanding of what he was saying in terms of these resonant leadership styles and practicing these.”

Katie shares she came to realise if you want people to show up on time if you want them to have attention to detail if you want them to be creative and resourceful and resilient, it will be about understanding what creates feelings that engage and align with what matters to them and the organisation which will drive outcomes and results.

In addition, Katie acknowledges the paycheck is important, but more importantly – to drive engagement, productivity, loyalty and effectiveness - it's the employees' feelings that are going to cause them to perform at a level that causes the company to thrive.

Katie explains completing the Empower World coach training programme supported her on her journey of becoming a better leader: a resonant leader who employs a coaching style to develop team members.

This coaching style is about consciously building relationships based on trust and rapport, showing genuine interest, deep listening, holding space for the individuals and team to show up authentically and vulnerably (and courageously), and asking powerful questions.

This coaching approach supports the development of employee capability, interdependence, collaboration, creativity, resilience and adaptability. Learning the skills to become a coaching style resonant leader who assists leaders to be highly effective, and at the same time, support the people they lead to be engaged and provide the opportunity to create the desired results in an increasingly complex and dynamic business landscape.

Leading ourselves and others effectively requires us to transcend just strategies and systems by expanding emotional intelligence with coaching skills, and lead from a heart-centered perspective that fosters high performance, and a much more enjoyable and rewarding place to work and contribute.

Be empowered!

Jeanine and Marie

Co-Founders of Empower World

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