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The Power of Loving Presence in Coaching: What It Is, Why It's Important, and How to Access It

Jun 27, 2022

Some schools of coach training, and therefore trained coaches can be focused only in the thinking space when working with their clients, which can be effective. But if coaches access a loving presence within themselves - a part that is incredibly deeply wise -  it can support their clients to access a much deeper conscious awareness of their internal wisdom and a powerful way forward.

Uncovering deeper wisdom, which resides in the heart ‘brain’ - to support with the challenges and opportunities which show up in life, is the power of coaching with loving presence. Without it, a client can remain only in their thoughts, and those thoughts potentially mean they are not embodied or remembered and can be 'lost' or forgotten.

At Empower World we believe when we step into the presence of our own heart and loving presence, which supports our client’s to do the same, it creates the gateway for the client to access their higher intelligence in a unique, very powerful way.

Powerful emotions, thoughts and ideas can unfold in relation to what the client brings into a session when accessing a loving presence of support even in the most challenging circumstances a client brings into a session.

This has the impact of creating embodied and transformational change, because the coach, through their questions, supports the client to become aware of what is truly important: what there is to learn that supports the client to move courageously forward and become who the client is authentically: naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

The client will remember what they are learning to support their best life, who they truly are,  and what they decide to do differently which will support their resilience and create the experiences they choose.

Nadim Bitar, an engineer, business owner and entrepreneur, who become a professional Coach after completing Empower World’s Foundation and Advanced Coach Training, specialises in supporting people around the globe to live a love centred life, and in our recent Empower World Coaching and Leadership Podcast, shared with us what he specifically means to coach with loving presence. He says, ‘Coaching with loving presence is to be present with the client, without judgement, and offering them our full attention, listening to them deeply, connecting with them".

And importantly Nadim shares "Without trying to fix or change anything". He goes on to say that in this place of loving presence, our client's can then do the work they need or want to do: go into those places that are uncomfortable and very challenging - which are usually avoided - to find their truth.

Loving presence is important in coaching - and in life - because when we are able to be present with ourselves and others in this way, we create deeper connection, understanding, and healing. This loving presence is the foundation of all relationships. And when we can be present with ourselves in this way, we open up the possibility for true self-acceptance and self-love.

What are the benefits to coach and client to be in this presence of love

Being in a loving presence with our clients allows us to create a safe space for them to explore whatever they need to. It also allows us to really see them and connect with them on a deeper level. And allows us to support them in a more holistic way. This opens up the client's ability to do the same for themselves.

When we mentor coaches, one of the biggest things we find holding good coaches back from being transformative coaches is that they are not fully present. This means they are in their own head trying to work things out, or they are not truly listening to their client - their attention is somewhere else.

The biggest thing we find is that coaches are trying to think of what they'll say next. They want to support the client so much that they're running through the different tools they have available, or trying to lead the client down a path they think will be beneficial.

However, this has the opposite effect: pulling both the coach and the client out of a loving presence and taking them off the path of authentic communication through words that are said and not said.

Being able to fully surrender to the moment, listen deeply and free of judgement, ego, finding a strategy, trying to fix things... and coming from a place of pure love with trust and confidence - the words, actions, answers will come. Effortlessly.

That is when your client experiences transformational breakthroughs.

That is when your coaching will take a quantum leap.

How we can access the loving presence within ourselves

The first is to realise love is always present if we choose to notice it. It's our illusions that clouds our perception and tricks us into believing something is missing.

You can access it right now. You don't need anything. You needn't read another word.

Realise there is nothing to do. Instead, take a moment to centre yourself. Let go of desired outcome, listen intently with your entire being, getting curious about what is the wisdom behind the thoughts and emotions

What to do when you feel yourself being pulled away from loving presence?

Loving presence is always with us. It's ourselves, our egos, doubts, fears, desires, stories, that pull us away from it.

When you feel the loving presence slipping away from yourself or from your client, here are some potential ways of supporting yourself or your client to come back into loving presence:

Take some deep breaths for yourself, perhaps focusing the breath into your heart space.

Consider being transparent with your client and share you are noticing you have come into your head and ask your client if you can take a moment for you to re-centre yourself and perhaps take some deeper breaths. You might like to invite your client to join you or perhaps reflect back you notice you have come out of presence and ask what is also happening for your client.

Let go of your thoughts and come back to your client, listening deeper for connection and the divine energy of your client.

Consider a mantra that may support you when you notice you are out of presence: a mantra that anchors and reconnects you to what you want to embody as a coach.

In summary...

Nadim says: "I believe that each one of us is here to accomplish a sacred assignment; each one of us has a goal of higher importance to achieve and a holy message to deliver. Knowing that we are in line with that mission will make our lives abundant and fulfilled and allow us to see the meaning in everything that we do."

It’s a beautiful reminder of how Nadim - and ourselves - can show up as a coach. It's a powerful belief that supports him to be in a loving presence as much as possible to be the mirror for his client.

We trust as you explore the loving presence within you, and your clients, the more you will be able to step into it in support of yourself and your client - to access the wisest part of ourselves - the heart mind that lives and expands in loving presence.

Be Empowered.

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Listen to the following podcast Empower World's Coaching and Leadership Podcast Episode 168 here.

Coaching with loving presence is perhaps one of the most powerful ways we can be of service to our clients - and be in service of ourselves to support whatever needs to emerge in the system of coaching. Nadim Bitar (ACC credentialed coach) shares his insights about the power of love, presence and spontaneity in coaching.

Episode-168 can be found here:
Direct Link: https://bit.ly/39gjOJm
YouTube: https://youtu.be/poxNhdGBdtU
ā€ŖStitcher: http://bit.ly/st-podcast-episode-168
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"I know that a coaching session is successful the moment I feel truly present. It's that moment I realise that I am the presence of love... And I trust the full presence of love. Love will do the work... support them... transform them."
Nadim Bitar -

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