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The Power Of Being Coach Mentored

Mar 28, 2023

We are very proud of our 9 coaches who joined us for the Empower World Group Coach Mentoring programme this weekend: investing in themselves and their skills of coaching in support of becoming a credentialed coach.

The importance of being mentored as a coach and in any profession is enormous as it supports the identification of our strengths (which are perhaps hidden from ourselves) and the opportunities to develop our skills, knowledge and competencies - particularly in relation to the core competencies of coaching if you are a coach - no matter whether you are new to the profession or much more experienced.

Coach mentoring is different from coaching for the following main reasons:

  • Coaching is a way to support people to find their own way forward to what they bring to coaching which will be related to their mindset and their limiting or empowering beliefs.
  • Coach mentoring is a way to support coaches enhance their skills by highlighting what is working well and what could be done differently/better in relation to the coaching skills themselves.

To renew or upgrade coaching credentials means mentoring will be part of your pathway forward and we would also recommend getting mentored for the following reasons:

  1. The opportunity to learn and develop your skills continuously whereby you receive guidance on areas of improvement, explore new coaching techniques, and gain new insights into your coaching practice.
  2. A sense of accountability to set goals, monitor progress, and be held responsible for achieving objectives.
  3. Personal growth whereby the mentor can provide a safe and supportive space for you to reflect upon and explore factors impacting your coaching practice.
  4. Professional recognition and credentialing. A coach who receives mentorship from a respected mentor can demonstrate a commitment to ongoing learning and development, which can increase their credibility and value in the eyes of clients and colleagues.

Overall, being mentored (and credentialed) can enhance your professional reputation, improve your coaching effectiveness, and promote personal growth and development.

“If you want to invest in yourself as a coach, then enroll on Empower World’s Coach Mentoring programme. The course very much encompasses the gift of feedback, giving you great insight into how you can enhance your coaching skills. I definitely feel like I am a better coach after this valid learning experience.”

- Michelle Arscott - (Life and Executive Coach)

If you are ready to improve your effectiveness as a coach and would like to find out more about our next upcoming programme, email support@empower-world.com to find out more.

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