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3 Strategies To Utilise When Facing Difficult Challenges

Jun 28, 2017

Have you and or your clients experienced challenges in your life that sometimes feel incredibly overwhelming? 

Do you find you or your clients freeze with fear when unexpected circumstances appear? Or maybe go into rage, blaming others or outside circumstances for your not so great experiences?

Or do you or your clients find yourself spiraling into negative emotions and play the victim, sinking  into negativity?

Alternatively, are you able to look at these as challenges as gifts, albeit poorly wrapped ones, that offer the opportunity for growth and self-development?

Every single one of us faces challenges in some form throughout our life time. What is most important is how we respond to those challenges and how we decide to change them into gifts for self-development and growth. If we don't turn them around, our problems can potentially lead to poor life experiences on an ongoing basis.

Often, our first reaction when faced with what we perceive as a challenge is to go into our behavior of either fight, flight or freeze response. Yet, if we are able to pause, take a moment to breath and move out of our heads and into our heart space, we can override the stress reaction. And instead, look at the situation or person from a place of compassion and love which allows us to choose to respond in a very different and empowering way.

At Empower World, we believe there are two sides to everything that happens: the ying and the yang or dark and light side of a situation. It is our mindset and who we choose to be in any given moment in the face of challenge which will create a positive or negative experience when dealing with it.

Here are some simple ways to support you and your clients to take a different perspective on the challenges and empower us to become more powerful human beings.

1. When you find you are facing a challenge with other people, being honest and open and sharing how things need to be different can open up the opportunity for both parties to decide on more loving ways of engaging together. Ask yourself the following:

  • What could you do differently to support this relationship to overcome the difficulties to create different results? and 
  • Who do you need to be if you want a more loving connected relationship with this person?  

2. Write down at least three positive things you are taking away from the experience and identify what is the purpose for this challenging being in your life?

3. Get clear about how you would like to respond next time this challenge occurs: when it is as you want it to be, what will you see, hear and feel?These are just some ways you can turn the more challenging experiences in life and allow them to support your expansion and create a wonderful life!

And if we do investigate what is going on underneath our judgment and we find we are off track - that's helpful because it will serve both the coachee, coach or leader to create even more awareness and clarity for everyone involved.

Listen to Empower World's Coaching and Leadership Podcast Episode-93 where Jeanine and Marie share the power of looking at different perspectives when faced with challenges and turning them into opportunities of growth and expansion.

Episode-93 can be found here, Direct link: http://bit.ly/2tfcr1A‪ #itunes: http://apple.co/1Hq8OmN or ‪#stitcher:http://goo.gl/WeKFCw.

Be Empowered.

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