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Become an ICF Accredited Certified Coach

Empower World offers a pathway to becoming an Accredited Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) . Join us and attend our next ICF Coach Training Programme and Online Coach Mentoring Programme to be part of our thriving community of coaches.

ICF Approved Professional Coach Training and Leadership Programme for Level 1 & Level 2

Our transformational, life-changing coach training programme in person in Doha, Qatar is for you if you are seeking to become an ICF credentialed professional coach, who either want to start your own practice or be an in-house organisational coach or be a leader who uses the power of coaching to empower and support team. It's also ideal for you if you are seeking a powerful personal development programme  to become a master of your life.

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Empower World Online Mentoring Programme for ICF ACC accreditation


This fully online programme is for you if you are on your pathway to becoming an ICF Associated Certified Coach (ACC),  or if you are ready to renew your existing credential or upgrade to Prorfessional Coach Certification (PCC)  Upon completiion of the programme, you will be prepared to sit the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) to become a credentialed coach, or renew or upgrade to PCC.

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International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Certification


What is coaching and why is it so empowering?

Change experts say 95% of the journey of transformation happens by creating awareness.

Whether you’re a high level and high performing executive, a mother juggling family and career, someone starting a new business or a recent college graduate, there is always new wisdom to unveil.

Empower World and coaching experts alike believe that each one of us is incredibly resourceful, creative and imaginative: that everyone possesses inner wisdom and strength that can be brought out of the client in new ways.

How can people tap into this inner wisdom and transform their lives?

We believe this can occur when individuals are trained in coaching skills; leadership, teamwork, emotional intelligence, neuro-linguistic programming, communication, rapport-building and related subjects.

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Coaching is one of the fastest growing professions in the world.  Supporting people, making a difference, working when and where you want, continuously learning and growing, as well as earning healthy income are some of the reasons people are attracted to coaching. Learn more!

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The Power Of Coaching Skills

We firmly believe that coaching skills tap into our inner wisdom and strength, forces that lie within our deeper subconscious mind, which many of us haven't learned how to tap into mindfully and effectively.

They allow us to reveal our unconscious habits of thinking, feeling and making decisions and how we can change to take a different set of actions or move past fears and limiting beliefs, which we’ve learnt from a very early age. People can move forward in new ways and are trained to see different perspectives and create new thoughts, ideas and habits.

Coaching skills creates new consciousness using deep thought provoking questions, processes and methodologies. Individuals can leave the training feeling equipped and confident to make better choices and  decide whether to enhance or replace these old ways of thinking, doing, being.

Maybe that's why people leave our trainings & workshops feeling completely empowered.

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The Benefits of Becoming a Professional Coach

People learn powerful coaching skills - leadership, relationship and communication skills - for many and varied reasons. Some people go on to become certified professional coaches and work in either life and executive coaching type roles and either work for themselves or within organisations. For those who go out on their own, it creates the opportunity to work flexibly (online and/or face-to-face) and work on their own terms: when, where, how they want and who they want to work with ranging from age, profession, type of challenge/opportunity and so forth. 
Some people use the skills as part of their roles as a leader - whether it be in a professional capacity or in a community or even in the family. Others choose to go on a deep personal development journey to create a fulfilling way of being and experiencing their world. And others will use coaching skills as part of their role - particularly those who utilise and rely upon communication as part of what they do. For example leaders, marketers, researches, trainers, teachers, HR professionals, entrepreneurs and so much more. Below are some some success stories from some of our participants who have become certified coaches.
Michelle Arscott Reveals What She Loves About Being a Coach



Empower World Coach Training participant (year 2010) and now ACC certified professional coach, Michelle Arscott, reveals what might a typical day look like and why it’s amazing for her. 

What does your typical day as a Professional Coach look like?

No day is ever the same - so there is no typical day. I only work some days and usually in the mornings as I have the school run and have a young family.

An example of a day activities can consist of the following:

  1. Preparing for my morning client and then coaching.
  2. Running a group coaching or network meeting, which involves preparation, phone calls and after-meeting follow up on items raised  such as contacting a colleague to run a workshop for some of the coaches in the group and ordering new resources;
  3. Listening to a coaching leadership podcast, reading a coaching resource and answering some queries on coaching from potential clients.

What is the best part, or brings you the most joy, about your typical day?

There is nothing like seeing the positive benefits of coaching with a client. I often see it in their initial body language when they enter the session hunched over, tired versus how they are when they leave. Suddenly standing taller, eyes a light and a big smile on their face.

It is great to see, hear and feel the clear evidence on how as a coach you are supporting your clients to have such a positive outcome by creating new awareness about themselves and deciding upon new ways forward which aligns with the truth of who they are. And then this possibly also has a ripple effect with their friends, family and colleagues.

How does life coaching give you flexibility in your day?

I can book the clients in times that suit how I want my day to be, fitting it in around things such as playdates, toddler classes and the school run.

Having Skype is great as it means that some of my sessions can be over the internet, which cuts out transport time so I can be more effective with time and even sometimes have one session in the evening.

What kind of skills do you implement most often?

Being creative (in terms of how I coach and whether with individuals or groups), and using my intuition and dancing in the moment when I'm working with my clients.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to new life coaches?

To be confident about using your intuition and dancing in the moment, if you tap into this then the coaching session will always be perfect. To help tap into this, it is important to let go of external stresses before you do the session so that you can totally be in tune and present with the client to support them to create the change they want.

Interested in a career as a professional coach? Learn more about Empower World’s ICF Approved Coach Training program, read testimonials and speak to a coach like Michelle today!


Invest in Yourself to Create the
Life You Love


Empower World Coach Training participant and now ACC certified professional coach, Tara Maxamed, shares in an audio interview with Empower World what has supported her success as a coach, and her other roles in life: investing in herself.  Below is a transcription of the interview.

Jeanine: I am so pleased to bring Tara (Maxamed on our podcast) today as she's been one of our coach training and mentoring participants and has gone on to become a certified coach. And she's gone on to do some amazing things and really stepped out of her comfort zone to create her business, and along with that, move countries and so much more. Tara, welcome to the show!

Tara: Thank you. Great to be here, after such a long time, I am very honored to be on your podcast.

Jeanine: I am so pleased you said yes. Tara it would be great if you could introduce yourself to the listeners as to who you are: what you doing, and where you are right now.

Tara: Okay, so I trained with Empower World about, I think ... roughly three years ago.

Jeanine: I think it was.

Tara: And since then I have gone on a coaching journey and I have recently gone back to UK with my children and I am now starting my business online, and now trying to settle in back to the UK, where I am focusing largely on mums who are starting a new adventure in life. What does that mean? Like moving countries or setting up their own business. 

Jeanine: Fantastic Tara and what was it that took you this journey of becoming a coach: what was the inspiration?

Tara: Well, three years ago, I was staying at home with my children and I had been doing that for seven years and I left my career very happily and I was really enjoying playing and being with my children. I was really grateful as I was able to be with my children because that is exactly what I wanted to do, but as the children started going to school and started to grow up, I knew that I wanted to do something else for myself. I wanted to get back to work, but I also knew that I really wanted to be with my children when not in school and take them to and from school. And I wanted to be available for them. So I tried a couple of different things, I tried selling and I was looking online to see how it could work. 

Then my husband came home one day and said I just have been on this amazing training at work through this coaching company called Empower World. He was so inspired  by it. And he said I think you will love it, I said okay cool, I will give these people a call and see what this is about and then the journey started. My first call was with Marie and I was hooked

, I knew this is what I wanted to do. There was where the journey started.

 Jeanine: Wow, we can’t see each other right now as we have got band with issues (with the internet) but if you could see me, I have got the biggest smile on my face since. I can recall Kali in the room - an amazing man - and of course it was to do with coach training at work. 

What Marie and I do in the work place as well is to... Read Full Article.


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