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Why Goals Are Not Met and How to Bring Them to Reality

May 16, 2017

Do you set objectives and find they are not met? Do you notice you have conversations with others that go around in circles? Are you in a role that supports others to create change and find they don’t achieve what you want?

Throughout our lives we will identify countless goals of varying degrees of magnitude, ease and difficulty. We may write them down, verbalize them, talk about them or maybe just think about them. But how many of those do we actually achieve?

Some of us will recognize a continuous aim or a dream that has been running throughout the course of life,  but manifestation of this goal or dream does not happen. Do you wonder why this is so?

There can be many logical and not so logical ‘reasons’  why objectives are not achieved – no matter how passionate we are about them. At the end of the day, many targets are not achieved because we haven’t programmed our mind, body and soul to achieve those ambitions at a much deeper level.

And if we don’t achieve those goals and dreams we truly desire – especially those that run consistently throughout our lives – it can potentially create emotions that diminish our value and create a sense of something missing in our lives which contributes to the downward cycle of emotions and wellness.

But if we understand what is beyond the objective – what it would be truly like to achieve it – we are essentially programming ourselves to make it happen if it resonates at a heart and unconscious and conscious mind level.

Scientists acknowledge the unconscious mind resides in our body and our infinite wisdom lives in our heart. This is why it’s so important to really understand what the success of our goal means to us using all of our senses, which are connected to our body – our higher intelligence.

If we are aware what success means to us by seeing, hearing and feeling our aspirations at a body cellular level – when it is as we want it to be and as if it’s happening right now (not in the future) – we give ourselves the best opportunity to achieve what we truly want.

By going through a process of understanding what successful achievement of the goal or dream is beyond the conscious, thinking, critical mind, we can anchor ourselves – or the people we are supporting to achieve their intention.

This is because we become consciously aware of the bigger impact of what achieving the objectives means to us and others. We come to realize the amazing benefits we and others experience if we pursue our goals and dreams that we hadn’t consciously realized before. And this is a powerful injection of ‘rocket fuel’ in our pursuit of fulfilling our dreams.

When we are truly aligned and sensing our aspirations at this deep cellular level, we can anchor them in our body, mind and soul. This will sustain us in the following way:

  • Support our mind to look out for all the opportunities that show up that we might otherwise not recognize or ignore when we are not tied to our goal.
  • Support us to recognize what we really want to achieve at a much more deeper and purposeful level.
  • Support us to identify what motivates, fuels and inspires us.
  • If you are a coach, support you to recognize what the client truly wants as well as what they believe is missing – and this can assist you as a coach to support your client uncover limiting beliefs.
  • Reinforce the principle of what we focus on is what we get in our life. The more energy and attention we put into what we truly want, the more we provide the opportunity for our dream to come to become a reality.

These are just some of the great reasons to recognize what our dreams truly look, sound, feel – and even more powerfully – taste and smell like. And this means we are setting ourselves up to create the most powerful way of composing our wonderful lives.

So when identifying goals for yourself and/or for other, stretch yourself as much as possible to imagine what you will see, hear, feel, taste and smell when the goal is achieved. And imagine it’s happening right now in the present moment.

And when you get to the peak moment of what it will be like, identify what that will give you and what it will give others when you achieve what you want to obtain. And notice what that success will ultimately give you.

Sit with what you uncover and take deep breaths into your heart, anchoring your goal’s success into this powerful and sacred place.

And recognize that whenever you feel knocked off your path, you will always have this imagery, sounds, feelings of success and fulfillment in your heart, mind and soul to keep you focused and on track. And this will allow you to pick yourself up and move forward to achieve the life of your dreams.

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