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What can attending a professional coach and leadership training do for you?

Sep 09, 2016

Are you interested in your own personal development? Do you spend a lot of time reading books and watching or listening to self development inspirational people ? Do you find that you are the one that helps and motivates friends and family and they always come to you for advice?

At Empower World, we have the honour of working with hundreds of men and women just like you who want to delve deeper into understanding themselves and others. And although there are many ways to develop oneself – we know from our experience the powerful transformation that happens to men and women from all walks of life who attend our ICF approved coach training programs.

Melissa Loizou, ICF accredited coach and graduate of Empower World Professional Coach and Leadership training program shares her experience of the training program and the powerful lessons she took away as she went through her own journey of self discovery.

At the time Melissa signed up to join the coach training she was working in the commercial banking world and had no intention of becoming a certified coach. She said, “I was interested in joining the training to see what it was all about. It was something that interested me, but there was no end result in sight. It was more just ‘let’s go see,’ and from there it has just been the most exciting two years.”

When people attend our training they very quickly realise that it is not going to be the standard: that this training is something extra ordinary.

We have purposefully designed our program so that participants fully experience each and every stage of the coaching process. And as well as learning the tools and techniques of coaching, they go on their own journey of transformation if they choose to. Participants leave the program with a greater understanding of self and with deep compassion and understanding for others.

Melissa shares, “From day one, it was about stepping into a room where you just completely connect with others in the group. Everything around you in that room is this wonderful safe place. You get to let go of the hustle and bustle of life. You get the chance to stop and connect with yourself. You get to spend time asking very powerful questions about who you are, where you are in your life right now and where you want to be. You get the opportunity to look at the areas in your life that matter most to you: relationships, work, career, heath etc. And you get the chance to make choices and take actions that move your life to the next level.”

Melissa continues, “The training, for me, was from a career-perspective initially and during the process it was like looking at a mirror and knowing I was following a career because it paid a good salary. But it wasn’t fulfilling my heart. It wasn’t making me happy.”

Many awakenings and realizations occur to participants on our program as we focus on understanding the success principles and work on personal values, life purpose and ways of being and doing that support living a life of fulfilment. Melissa made some powerful decisions during the process of the training program.

She explains how she managed the reality of her life and at the same time put commitments in place that would honour the decisions she made during the training. She said, “From a career perspective, after the training, I continued working in my job because I needed the income. At the same time I worked on my coaching practice and completed my 100 hours of coaching, got accredited then resigned from my job.

“Now I’m an ICF accredited certified coach and I love every day of work. It’s just amazing! It’s amazing to see people go from where they are to where they want to be and I feel honoured to be able to be part of other people’s journey.”

Of course, as professional coaches at Empower World, we are always practicing and honing our skills and tools. We walk our talk in our personal and professional lives by stepping out of our comfort zone on a regular basis, learning from the challenges that come our way and finding new ways to move toward what it is we want.

Melissa is proof – as are our participants – that when we make choices that are aligned with what is most important to us then life can be beautiful and inspiring.

“I’m learning every single day and I’m loving it. It’s not to say I always get it right. I get it wrong often, but it’s about getting it wrong to get it right,” says Melissa

“Before the training I didn’t want to fail. I was so afraid of failing because I was so concerned if I failed this is how it would impact my career or impact my child’s life and my marriage. Well now, I’m not afraid of failing. I get nervous like everybody else but it’s more a case of I’m going to go with what my heart says and if I’ve done it in a way that’s not the way it’s supposed to be then I’m going to learn a lesson so that I can do it better next time.

“And because of that, I’m having new experiences. I’m saying no to things where before I was pleasing. I was saying yes to things which weren’t doing my family or me any good. And so what I’m saying is it’s about being vulnerable. It’s about being courageous. That it’s ok if I didn’t get it right. I’m going to fall down and I’m going to get up and do it better the next time and take this lesson with me. And that was an important lesson that the coaching taught me, because I wasn’t living a life on that basis prior to the training.”

If you want a rewarding career choice that allows you to support yourself and others to move towards goals and aspirations, then going on a journey of self discovery and mastery as well as learning the skills and tools of professional coaching could be just for you.

Be empowered.

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