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Want to Inspire and Empower People But Don’t Know How?

May 16, 2017

Many people feel the desire or need to support others but either don’t know how to do it, or they spend a lot of time and energy supporting others to the detriment of themselves, or they feel such a huge responsibility they shy away from giving any kind of support at all.

At Empower World, through our own experience and from supporting the hundreds of people we have coached and trained, we understand the frustrations that can come with not having the skills and tools to support ourselves and others to live fulfilling, meaningful lives.

Not being able to do something that we either desire to do or feeling that we are doing it a disempowering unsustainable way can create frustration and stress for all the parties involved.

In fact, the inability to provide an empowering way forward can cause break down in relationships, ill health and so much more.

However, one of the most useful ways we at Empower World found to support ourselves and others in a significantly positive, sustainable and ecological way is utilising powerful coaching techniques. These are techniques such as deep listening and asking questions that are stretching and thought provoking – going beyond the conscious mind and accessing the powerful unconscious mind and our higher wisdom.

Coaching supports people to find their own authentic truth and pathway forward, which is very potent compared to giving advice. Advice – of course – can be very powerful and often comes from a place of very good intention. However, it may suit the giver of advice more than the receiver.

Siobhain Whitty, life and executive ICF ACC coach who completed Empower World’s coach training last year says after feeling somewhat lost in her HR career, she discovered something powerful through her experience with coach training.

Siobhain said, “I felt that I found something for the first in a long, long time – in many years – that I was really inspired and engaged about what I was learning… About what I was being challenged to do. And it was also the first thing that I had come across in quite a while which brought together so much I’d learned about human behaviour in HR.”

She continued, “It wasn’t just about managing process and delivering business targets, it was absolutely and completely about supporting an individual with their own skills, needs and desires to actually really support change and take important and independent steps in their life that were transformational across other areas of their life.”

Siobhain explained, “It felt so real and I could see, not just for me, but other participants on the course as well that it was making a difference and that really stuck with me. I knew I could learn a lot here.”

Taking action is an essential step in moving towards what we want and Siobhain recognized how stepping out of her comfort zone was what was required to take her personal and professional development to the next level.

She shares, “I acted on something. There was something distinctly important about me taking action to further my personal development and to really explore, not just coaching as a career, but explore myself.”

The process of learning on Empower World’s Professional Coach Training program is experiential. We support people to go through their own personal journey of awakening and self discovery and at the same time learn the essential skills and tools to become a great coach.

Siobhain says, “It gave me a fantastic opportunity to really get to know myself better: to build my self awareness even further. And self-awareness is so important in coaching. It’s something all coaches need – to master themselves in order to understand what it is that will support their clients.”

Siobhain explains, “We can all sit and read a book about something but it’s not until you really experience it that you truly learn.”

Siobhain believes, as do we in Empower World, that the biggest investment we can make is investing in ourselves.

“If I can be a better version of my self and strive to be a good person and continue to discover more about me, then I hope that is something will make a difference to the world.”

“Coaching is a real live thing – it’s human behaviour in action and what I love most is seeing the reactions of individuals when they have managed to achieve something. I want to support people to experience this even more.”

If you want to be a master of your own destiny and support others to master theirs, learning the art and science of coaching is a proactive and powerful way to do this.

Empower World delivers International Coach Federation approved Professional Coach Training programs in Doha, Qatar. To find out where courses are close to you, explore the ICF coach training website to see what’s available near you: https://www.coachfederation.org

Be empowered.

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