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Michelle Arscott Reveals Her Typical Day as A Professional Coach

Feb 09, 2017

Empower World Associate and Professional Coach, Michelle Arscott, reveals what a typical day as a professional coach looks like (and why it’s amazing), the best part of being a coach and gives advice on the importance of being confident.

What does your typical day as a Professional Coach look like?

No day is ever the same so there is no typical day. I only work some days and usually only in the mornings as I have the school run at one and have a young family.

A recent day consisted of:

  1. Preparing for my morning client and then coaching;
  2. Running a coaching network meeting, which involved preparation, the phone call and after-meeting follow up on items raised in the meeting such as contacting a colleague to run a workshop for some of the coaches in the group and ordering new resources;
  3. I listened to a coaching leadership podcast and answered some queries on coaching from potential clients before I went to sleep.

What is the best part, or brings you the most joy, about your typical day?

There is nothing like seeing the positive benefits of coaching on the client, you often see it in their initial body language when they enter the session hunched over, tired versus how they are when they leave. Suddenly standing taller, eyes a light and a big smile on their face.

It is great to have clear evidence on how as a coach you are having such a positive impact upon that person and possibly also their friends, family and colleagues.

How does life coaching give you flexibility in your day?

I can book the clients in times that suit how I want my day to be, fitting it in around things such as playdates, toddler classes and the school run.

Having Skype is great as it means that some of my sessions can be over the internet, which cuts out transport time so I can be more effective with time and even sometimes have one session in the evening.

What kind of skills do you implement most often?

Using my intuition, being creative and dancing in the moment.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to new life coaches?

To be confident about using your intuition and dancing in the moment, if you tap into this then the coaching session will always be perfect. To help tap into this, it is important to let go of external stresses before you do the session so that you can totally be in tune with the client.

In order to do this find something that helps you to feel relaxed. For example listen to calming music, take ten deep breaths, focus on a candle or chant positive mantras. This sets the tone for the session and helps the coaching to be fabulous.

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