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Imperfection is Perfection

Dec 21, 2016

Do you have incredibly high standards for yourself and do they stop you from creating the life, work and relationships you truly want?

Do you find yourself feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or afraid of the pressure you put on yourself?

Do you find yourself constantly preparing, planning and reworking projects believing what you offer is never good enough?

At Empower World, we believe perfectionism can stop wonderful things happening in our professional and personal lives. It is with this in mind, we recognised a project we had intended to produce was stalling because we let our busy schedules prevent us from sitting down and meticulously working on it. However, we chose to make a call and say “ok this may not be perfect, but it’s good enough the way it is.”

We recognise and have experienced the courage it takes to share something with others when we are feeling the vulnerability of being imperfect. We understand there will be many critics out there who may judge us and our products because they would have done things differently. The truth is, if we wait until things are perfect, we will never put our ideas out there because there is no such thing as perfect.

So many of you have so many exciting and empowering ideas, projects and programmes you would love to share, but potentially the fear of failure and not being good enough is stopping you sharing for the benefit of people who can really benefit from your work. We encourage all of you to stretch yourselves to try something new. Let go of that perfectionism and instead of judging yourself, practice empathy and self compassion instead. Take a deep breath and go with it and expect to learn and grow from this new experience. And ask yourself;

  • What and how will you and others benefit from your ideas or projects or programmes?
  • What will you and others miss out on if you don’t move forward?
  • What’s the worst thing that can happen as you step into a place of learning and growing?
  • What’s the best thing that can happen?
  • If fear was there to actually support you to live your best life, what do you believe you must do to move beyond it?
  • What will you commit to doing to create your best life?

To know more about perfectionism listen to Empower World’s Coaching and Leadership Podcast Episode-81 on iTunes or β€ͺonStitcher.

Be empowered!

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