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Creating an Abundant Mindset

Sep 14, 2017

Are you a coach or helping professional who is struggling with sales in your business?

Do you lack confidence when charging your clients?

Do you find yourself ‘staying small’ with rates or giving away some of your services for free - even though you really want to charge?

If you’re saying YES to any of these questions, then it’s time to explore any fears and/or limiting beliefs keeping you from having the business and lifestyle you truly desire.

The way in which we speak about money, along with the vibration and tone of our voice can often be a reflection of how we feel and the mindset we have about money, wealth and abundance. Think back to a time when you were sharing your service with a potential client. Notice how you spoke to them: was it meekly or apologetically, or did you talk succinctly about the results you give your clients with clarity and confidence?

Our trust in ourselves and our level of confidence in our capabilities directly affects how much others trust and feel confident around us. If you are undermining what you do and how you value yourself your potential client may not feel comfortable moving forward, even if you truly provide exceptional service.

Imagine, no matter what stage you are in your professional coaching journey, if you chose to move into an abundance mindset: what would be different if you spoke to your prospective clients about the incredible value, transformation and results they will receive from your services. Imagine sharing the results your clients will experience while working with you. Think about the type of energy this mindset would bring to the conversation and how this way of being and doing would support people to say yes to working with you. And create in your mind's eye the opportunities you’d get working with incredible clients and people ready to change their lives.

At Empower World, our intention is to support coaches and helping professionals to have thriving, abundant businesses so you can make a big difference in the lives of others at the same time as creating a sustainable business for yourself. We encourage you to make it your mission to create new awareness, new language and an empowering belief about money and abundance so you can be rewarded for your time, energy and passion which also serves others in a powerful way.

Below are three invaluable insights and action steps you can take right now to get started.

1. Take a deep look at your beliefs about money.
Get curious and identify any limiting beliefs you have about money, wealth and abundance. Ask yourself:

  • What have I grown up believing about money? Such as 'it's dirty' or 'it's not needed'? Or 'only certain kinds of people have lots of money'.
  • Then get curious and identify whether they were empowering or disempowering beliefs and what have been the benefits or cost of those beliefs.
  • And next create beliefs you understand and feel appropriate to adopt an abundant way of living: ask yourself what beliefs can I choose to have about money and abundance? Think about the kind of mindset adopted by people who have a healthy approach to money, such as philanthropists and employers.
  • Ask yourself, what positive, great things could I do in the world if I was truly abundant?
  • And what new mantras and affirmations can I bring into my daily vocabulary to support me?

2. Ask.
Start a practice of asking your clients for the investment prices you believe your services are worth with confident language, tone and vibration. As you continue to ask in this way notice your confidence levels. How do you respond when people say either Yes or No to your services? Remember not all of the people you come across will be ready to say Yes. You will attract the clients you are meant to be working with.

3. Get serious: Invest in yourself and hire a coach or mentor.
If you want to charge those beautiful, joyful, high prices, you must be prepared to invest in yourself. Hire a coach or a mentor who might be a financial stretch for you so you can feel what it’s like to work with someone who has the expertise and experience you want to emulate and who also delivers exceptional results for their clients.

Listen here to our latest podcast on Saying Yes to Financial Abundance to gain all of the insights, tips, stories and strategies.

Are you interested in getting a coach to support you to move into your abundance mindset? Explore our Empower World coaches page and book a complimentary discovery call to get started. Learn more here.

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