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The Power Of Intuition In Coaching

Jun 21, 2021

There has been much research into the power of intuition to support its relevance and importance in our everyday lives. Scientists, such as Albert Einstein recognise our intuition as our ‘gift’ and a necessary part of ourselves to listen to first and foremost to support growth and new discoveries.

So what is intuition? Some say it’s an ‘inner knowing’ or a strong sense of an idea. And we believe it can manifest itself in many different shapes and forms. For some it may come in as an image or sense or thought, while for others it may be a feeling or sensation emerging from within the body. And often it will be important to get curious and identify what the intuitive picture, colours, sound, words, feeling, sense, sensations - and more - means for you personally or for your client. Learning about these meanings helps you and your client understand how to tap into the power of intuition.

People often have a perception about their own intuition; some say they’re very intuitive, while others believe they are less so. Intuition, or our inner guidance system, is within us all and is something we can develop and strengthen to become a powerful part of how we make decisions. As coaches, we can support our clients by listening to our inner guidance as to what to ask or say next, or ask our client what does their intuition say to them in relation to their coaching topic in support of them finding their authentic way forward. 

By practicing being fully present, it can offer the opportunity to tap into our intuition in a way to serve coaching conversations. When we are present and deeply listening to what is arising in the relationship field between ourselves and our clients, it can enhance the intuitive answers our clients have within themselves. And as we bravely share our intuition in service of the client, it can also be a model for them to deepen their own awareness of their own intuitive thoughts, emotions, images, sensations.

Asking questions such as: "What is your intuition saying to you right now?" Or, "what are you learning about yourself and /or this situation?" .. can assist your client to tap into the wisest part of themselves.  And questions like: “What is happening for you? What awareness are you creating? What are you learning from this?" .. are also powerful ways to support the client to understand their intuition. Our client may still be hesitant to trust or tap into their intuition, so we can ask our client what is their best guess as to what comes up for them, which can assist them to tap into their intuition in another way.

To build your own intuitive muscle for yourself and as a coach, we recommend the following:

  • Start to listen to experienced coaches who courageously use their intuition and potentially model what they do when they access and share their intuition.
  • Pay attention to and listen to your own intuition by getting curious and sitting in silence (where possible) so you are able to hear, see, feel, taste, smell whatever is in your environment. 
  • When you notice strong tendencies in an emotional or a somatic or a cognitive way, perhaps practice sharing this with your client or others when you are not in a coaching conversation to build your intuitive muscle and recognise the different ways intuition works for you.
  • Let go of thinking logically and notice what's going on in your body or from other sensory perspectives - such as images or emotions - and get curious about what this means for you.

As coaches, we invite you to continue to develop the intuitive part of yourself, which can work in tandem with the more rational mind, which will support you to powerfully support your clients to identify new perspectives, experiences, decisions and emotions.

Be empowered.

In Empower World's Coaching and Leadership Podcast Episode 158 Marie and Jeanine share how we all express our emotions in unique and different ways through our physiology and the words. Using intuition is one of a coach's most powerful ways of supporting their clients to create new perspectives about what they are

- Tapping into our own intuition as a coach as to what to ask, what to reflect and share, as well as asking our client to tap into their intuition in relation to what is their truth and way forward is hugely empowering. Listen to the podcast to find out more.

Episode-158 can be found here:
Direct Link: https://bit.ly/3rs7v3K
‪#stitcher: http://bit.ly/st-podcast-episode-158
#spotify: http://bit.ly/sp-podcast-episode-158
#itunes: http://bit.ly/EW-Podcast-iTune

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