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A Heartfelt THANK YOU for Being Part of Our Journey So Far

Aug 31, 2021

We never planned on sharing this…

Marie and I were on our weekly zoom call preparing for our upcoming coach training... and we were just enjoying a few moments together pondering what to share on our next Empower World Coaching and Leadership Podcast.

It was late afternoon in Melbourne, the sun was setting and the sky was filled with pink, purple and blue color as we began to reflect on how immensely grateful and fulfilled, we were to be doing the work we were doing.

Reflection that was made even deeper by the fact that it was the 8th of March 2021… International Women’s Day.

It just so happened that the theme this year was ‘Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world’.

And there we were, two women who were not only grateful for the opportunity to lead, but now have the opportunity to teach and support other women how to lead and empower others.

We reflected upon how that one decision to form Empower World has had such a wonderful impact on so many people around the globe. People from all walks of life, all backgrounds with a myriad of different goals and aspirations…

  • People who know what they want to achieve but required support to make it happen.
  • People who are lost, not sure what they want or how to make empowering, life changing decisions.
  • People who are experiencing great challenges in their lives and don’t know how to overcome them.
  • People who are achieving incredible success and now want to create an even more profound expansion
  • ….and so many more reasons.

And somehow we found each other to go on this journey together.

We thought about our own journey and how two ordinary little girls, from opposite sides of the world came, as if by magic, to meet in the middle of the world - the Middle East… So, we could manifest our vision… our desire made real, our purpose, our passion and our mission.

The vision to bring together all that we know from the world of professional coaching and combine it with a treasure chest of complementary skills - to enable people to go on a life changing journey of both internal and external transformation. A journey that empowers them to make powerful decisions to experience and live the life, world and relationships they want.

We reminisced in awe at how, what had once been our perceived weaknesses and limitations (the shyness, the challenges of not using our voice as young girls) …


…has been transformed into our superpower, shaping our desire and driving us to find our voice and passions. Propelling us along our individual journeys of growth, to uncover our personal calling and how we want to show up in the world.

While we looked back, we also looked forward…

We envisioned ahead 5, 10, 20 years’ time, with a profound gratitude for the work yet to be done and the long-term sustainable transformations that we get to help others achieve.

And in tapping into the wisdom of our future selves, we heard their courage and words of acknowledgement whispering; ‘you're doing a good job’, ‘keep stepping up’, ‘be brave and practice self-care on your journey.’

There’s a power that comes when you take the time out to consciously and mindfully acknowledge yourself. When you put on our own ‘oxygen mask’.

It’s easy to get lost in the work of what we do, our enthusiasm and love for what we are creating. So, taking this time out to celebrate together the beautiful opportunities as well as the numerous challenges we’ve experienced along the way - which have supported us to grow and become even more connected to each other - our amazing team and our many clients… felt amazing.

We believe compassion, kindness, empathy, vulnerability - and most importantly - our love for self, each other and others in our worlds… has been the foundation of our success. All of this together with our vision, drive, intention, focus, passion and courage to make a profound difference in the world – to support people to be who they are truly born to be.

So, we would like to thank all of the people who have chosen to walk beside us. Those who have recognised that looking after themselves first, puts them in the best shape to support others.

To all of the people who have touched our lives - whether it be family, friends, colleagues, clients, thank you for all that you have brought into our lives. Your belief and love for us, the lessons you have taught us, your positive encouragement and acknowledgement - and most of all - thank you for taking care of yourself by being part of the Empower World community.

Be empowered.

International women's day celebrates the steps women have taken to obtain the freedoms and opportunities we have today! And we are grateful for those incredible sacrifices made that have opened up doors for Empower World and the work we do.

Listen to Jeanine and Marie in Empower World's Coaching and Leadership Podcast Episode 159 here.

Episode-159 can be found here:
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#YouTube:    https://youtu.be/gu4N9QeMYzQ
‪#Stitcher:      http://bit.ly/st-podcast-episode-159
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