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Programme Overview

  • Are you already an accredited coach and want to take your coaching skills to the next mastery level?
  • Do you require 10 hours of mentor coaching (10 Continuous Education Units - CEU's) to renew your IFC PCC credential?
  • Are you ready to learn from experienced and accredited ICF Master Certified coaches?

If you said YES, then Empower World’s online coach mentoring programme is for you where you can support your pathway to becoming a Professional Certified (PCC) International Coach Federation (ICF) professional coach or renew your PCC credential. 

Imagine standing out with your coaching skills, building your reputation as a transformational coach, attracting the clients and experiences you desire, building a thriving practice and growing in confidence as a coach and a person.

This online programme consists of 7 hours of group work and 3 hours of one-on-one mentoring. During this programme we mentor you at the PCC to MCC level, with a focus on supporting you to pass and outperform the PCC markers if you are seeking to go to the next level of accreditation.

And a special bonus, you will also get access to recordings of an ICF Master Certified Coach coaching participants so you can learn from the habits of a highly qualified and successful coach.

ICF PCC Requirements

The ICF requirement is coaches must complete 10 hours of mentoring either individually or in a group setting (maximum 10 participants) to obtain their PCC credential or renew their PCC accreditation.

This mentoring is for coaches who have received their initial Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential. 

The ICF recognises 10 hours of mentoring as 10 CEU's towards 40 CEU's required for PCC certification or renewal.

Our PCC mentoring is seven hours of online group work and three hours one to one where Jeanine and Marie would be mentoring you at PCC to MCC level, focusing on supporting you to reach the PCC markers as well as providing coaching supervision. 

What You Will Experience

  • 10 Hours of mentoring meeting the ICF accreditation requirements under the ACSTH route with two experienced coaches and coach mentors with thousands of hours experience behind them. And the wonderful news is, Empower World has a 100% pass rate for coaches who have sat the Coach Knowledge Assessment.
  • Supervision and feedback from Master Certified Coaches on your areas of strength and development
  • Peer-to-peer live coaching experience
  • Triad coaching with you peers in between mentoring sessions
  • Experiential activities and journaling work to deepen your learning and get the competencies ‘in your bones’
  • Ongoing support from mentors and participants and other coaches who have already been through the programme to continue to expand your
    coaching awareness
  • Powerful exercises to solidify and expand skills
    Understanding the requirements for ICF certification application
  • Understanding of the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) expectations
  • Seven hours of group mentoring online (maximum 10 participants in the group)
  • 3 hours one to one mentoring on two of your recorded coaching sessions
  • You will also get access to recordings of an ICF Master Certified Coach coaching participants so you can learn the habits of coaching from a highly qualified and successful coach

The benefits

In this intensive and highly-interactive programme, you will be supported to:

  • Increase confidence in using the coaching competencies
  • Identify your own ‘blind spots’ in coaching
  • Learn to ask more powerful questions, and listen at a deeper, intuitive level
  • Build a trusting partnership with the client
  • Prepare for application to the International Coach Federation ACC qualification.

Mentoring Group Session Topics include:

Session 1

1. The coaching agreement & building rapport as well as establishing trust and intimacy at a significantly deeper level

Session 2

1. Taking coaching presence to a whole new level
2. Listening at a deeper intuitive level
3. Asking powerful questions in the flow of the moment.


Session 3

1. Communicating powerfully
2. Creating a deeper level of

Session 4

1. Planning and goal setting
2. Designing actions
3. Managing progress

Session 5

Bringing it all together

The remaining three hours of the 10-hour programme are one-to-one mentoring; utilising participant's recorded coaching session. Specific and tailored feedback is provided to the participant to support the strengthening of their skills.


Programme Information


May Intake: May 11 and 25 - June 8 and 22, 2022.

October Intake: October 5 and 19 - November 2 and 16, 2022.

Qatar:  7 PM - 9 PM
UK: 5 PM - 7 PM
EST (US): 12 PM - 1 PM
AEDT (AU): 2 AM - 4 AM

Last 2 sessions to be scheduled as agreed.


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Eligible individuals have completed an accredited ICF Coach Training programme or similar coach accreditation.

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