ICF Approved Online Diamond
Advanced Coaching Skills Training

This Programme is ICF Approved for ACSTH CCE Units

  • Would you like to strengthen your coach mastery skills to take your clients on a deep life-changing journey?
  • Do you want to attract new clients who willingly invest in you because of the transformational changes and value you create for clients?
  • And are you ready to enrich your life and gain CCE Units for ICF credentialing and renewal purposes?
Imagine living a life on purpose, doing what you love, making a difference in people's lives and being richly rewarded on many levels: emotionally, spiritually, energetically, financially and much more.
If YOU would like to experience this for yourself, then the Online Diamond Advanced Coaching skills Training Programme is for YOU!



Why consider the Online Diamonds Advanced Skills Programme?

We know you're already an amazing coach with the foundational coach training under your belt! Are you ready to level-up your skills, do deeper transformational work with your clients and grow your business?

Sure, you have what it takes to be a good coach, but are YOU ready to learn even more, gain value-added business and coaching skills and become truly a great coach!?

Join our online community and venture towards the next transformational level in your coaching practice. Deepen your coaching skills, knowledge and experience into coach mastery.

In addition, the Diamond Advanced Coaching Skills Training Programme has been approved by the ICF for 64 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) for CCE Units, which can be used for renewing or upgrading your credentials.
This programme is not for the faint hearted. It's a deep dive for mindful, brave leaders who want to make a significant difference in the world by mastering their work and empowering others!



During these uncertain time, the world needs masterful coaches and leaders who coach now more than ever!
We've been in the process of converting this powerful face-to-face programme online since last year as many of our trained coaches move to other parts of the world. So now you/anyone can participate from anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own home! 



What you will gain from the programme

In this programme, you will experience master certified (MCC), world-class coaches in action and you will have the opportunity to model what they do practicing the skills you've learnt. Are you ready to...

 ●      Feel confident knowing you've got the training and tools you need to do deep, meaningful work with your clients

 ●      Wow your clients by consistently supporting them towards creating their "ah-ha" moments

 ●      Strengthen and deepen your coaching mastery skills while stepping into or upgrading your credentials from ACC to PCC or PCC to MCC

 ●      Go on an internal journey of powerful, deep connection and self-development with yourself and with others

 ●      Create a more successful practice - logistically and financially

 ●      Increase the demand for your services because you're really supporting others to make a big difference in their lives

 ●      Build a snowballing list of referrals

 ●      Feel even more fulfilled as you continue to go on a deeper personal development journey!

Programme details

  • This online programme has been designed to be flexible to meet your skill development and training needs, giving you the option to attend all 8 modules, or sign up for any number of  specific modules which suit your requirements. We offer two different options: a Tuesday and a Saturday option
  • The Tuesday option consists of two sessions every second Tuesday of the month and the Saturday option is one full day of training. See below for the times for either the Tuesday and Saturday training options
  • Each session takes place online via Zoom
  • All sessions will be recorded 
  • You can miss up to one session per module and still gain CCE Units, but will be required to watch the recording and send a short report about your learnings
  • Modules are led by Empower World co-founders Marie Quigley and Jeanine Bailey as well as other Empower World head trainers
  • You will not only experience the processes in each of the modules yourself – you will also learn how to use the processes to create powerful transformation for your clients
  • Each module comes with full access to our online coaching portal where you will receive checklists, scripts, slides, recordings of sessions and extra resources to guide you
  • Please note: This programme takes breaks during the months of July, August and December 2022 as well as January 2023. We will not be holding sessions during breaks.
If you want to stand out as a highly sought after coach who's making the difference you're destined to create by supporting positive powerful change in people's lives, then sign-up for our Online ICF Approved Diamond Advanced Coaching Skills Training today!


ICF Continuing Coach Education Units (CCE Units)

To keep your credential up-to-date, the ICF requires you complete at least 40 hours of Continuing Coach Education (CCE Units) within three years of becoming credentialed or within three years since your last credential renewal.

You can earn up to 64 hours of ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) CCE Units during this programme, which can be used for renewing or upgrading your credentials.


Melissa Loizou shares how completing the Diamond Advanced Coaching Skills Programme twice supported her as both an individual and a masterful coach.
Here's what Nadim Bitar, Faten El Ayache and Asma Alkuwari shared after completing the Diamonds Programme

Programme Information

This online programme has been designed to be flexible to meet your skill development and training needs, giving you the option to attend all 8 modules, or sign up for any number of specific modules which suit your requirements.

Each module provides 8 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) for CCE Units. Setting Up Your Coaching Practice for Success module provides Resource Development CCE Units. All other seven modules provide Core Competencies ICF CCE units.

Schedule for Saturdays

Schedule for Tuesdays

Saturday Timings

6:30am - 2:30pm United Kingdom (GMT+1)
8:30am - 4:30pm Doha (GMT+3)
4:30pm - 12:30am AEDT(GMT+11)
5:30pm - 1:30am , New Zealand (GMT+13)


Tuesday Timings

8 - 11am United Kingdom (GMT+1)
10am - 1pm Doha (GMT+3)
6 - 9pm AEDT (GMT+11)
7 - 10pm New Zealand (GMT+13)

Timing for Values module

9 - 11am United Kingdom (GMT+1)
11am - 1pm Doha (GMT+3)
7 - 9pm AEDT (GMT+11)
9 - 11pm New Zealand (GMT+13)


Participants are required to have completed a foundational coach training. You do not have to hold a coaching credential to sign-up.

What you will learn in each module

The learning outcomes of each eight hour online module is outlined below. You can choose to attend 1 or 2 or 5 or 8 modules: any combination of modules to suit your training and learning development requirements.

In each module, you will receive recordings, slides, scripts relating to processes shared, checklists and extra resources. This means you will have access to these resources anytime.

Below is a description of each module: what you will learn and takeaway to put into your practice to ensure you are creating life-changing and empowering outcomes for you and your clients.

Somatic Coaching - October 2023 / May 2024

Are you struggling to support clients to create deep awareness and powerful change? Do you find your clients are in their story too much, not creating new awareness necessary for change? Do you feel you can do more to create new perspectives, but not clear how?

We believe for transformation to occur, we must include our body's wisdom: our own and our client's. You'll learn how to deepen your presence and support your clients to do the same using the body's wisdom to increase self-awareness and understanding

In this module, you will learn how to incorporate mind, body, soul connections to support powerful awareness and decisions moving forward. Our unconscious mind and memories are stored in our body, so creating conscious awareness for our clients by supporting them to understand what is happening somatically - revealing unconscious physiological patterns - can be truly transformational and powerful.

You will experience the following:

  • Exploring your own and your client's bodily responses to unlock the body's wisdom and inner truth at a deep unconscious level
  • How to break through limiting beliefs and move towards a brilliant compelling future and achievement of aspirations in a somatic, emotional and clear way.
  • Understand your body’s space in depth, breadth and height and how to read the information it is sharing with you and also how to expand your presence
  • How to listen to your body and how your client’s can understand their body in a holistic way.
  • How to use yourself as an instrument in the support of your client’s learning
  • Learn how movement supports self-discovery and new perspectives
  • Pin point areas of pain in the body and use creative exploration to deepen the understanding of the purpose of the pain and the learning and wisdom you can take from it to incorporate in life.
  • Creatively express the joyful emotions that lead us into experiencing fulfilment
Process and Coaching Emotions - October 2023 / June 2024

 Do you wish you can handle your client’s emotions more effectively when they come up? Do you shy away from supporting clients to explore their emotions because it just feels uncomfortable for you? Do you struggle with your own emotions with topics your clients bring up?

Coaching conversations can bring up powerful emotions both positive and challenging. Knowing how to effectively support your client to process their emotions and create deeper self-awareness can be life-changing for both your client and yourself.

Our inner thoughts and conversations can take place without us even being consciously aware, and they can run our lives, keep us stuck and impact our decision making abilities. Providing support to process the emotions which come up in coaching conversations enhances emotional intelligence, which is vital for effective leadership according to much research that has been carried out in recent times in relation to leadership and working with emotions. Emotional intelligence is increasingly seen as a prerequisite for leaders.

The more we understand what we feel about something, the more clarity and confidence we can gain to move forward in our decision making

Masterful coaches are comfortable with emotions which show up and support their clients to go “inside” and experience and name the emotions which arise as it gives the client new information and perspectives which potentially allows new decisions, directions, experiences and desired emotions.

This module enables you to become a much more courageous coach who takes your clients on a deep dive into their internal world.

You will take away the following:

  • An understanding of what emotional intelligence is
  • How we “off load” our emotions to protect ourselves
  • An exploration of the concepts of vulnerability and courage
  • Different learning approaches and processes to work with emotions
  • How to integrate the thinking doing and feeling aspect so your clients gain greater self-awareness
  • Understand of the ways to stop yourself as the coach to get hooked on your client's emotions
  • Positive ways to process your own emotions
  • An understanding the ICF perspective of working with emotions in coaching
Coaching and Integrating the Parts Within Us - September / November 2023

Do you recognise your client's saboteurs and want strategies to assist them to recognise how they sabotage themselves and overcome it? Would you like to learn ways for your clients to meet their different parts - saboteurs and sage - and integrate them to create the very best versions of themselves?

Our own internal voices often get in our way of moving forward and achieving our goals and dreams. But all of our voices have wisdom, and by integrating the different parts of us in a powerful way, we can live our best lives.

We all have different parts of us: some that hold us back and some that move us forward, and some that are neutral. in this module, we include advanced, creative techniques to support you and your clients to meet the different parts, listen to their voices - their needs and desires - and gather the incredible learning and wisdom they all possess to put new commitments, goals, actions and experiences in place.

And importantly, you will learn powerful processes to turn up the volume on the most powerful parts within and turn down the volume on the parts that do not serve.

You will walk away with an understanding of the following: 

  • The Neuroscience of how your internal dialogue impacts on your ability to succeed
  • A curiosity and ability to explore the stories made up
  • How to develop more self-trust
  • The practice of self-compassion and self-love techniques
  • The internal saboteur(s) and why these parts shout so loudly and how to turn their volume down.
  • The internal leader’s voice and how to step into it and integrate this part powerfully into life with all of its courage and wisdom
  • How to support the different parts and integrate and create even more success and fulfilment

How to minimise (down-regulate) the natural chemicals we make in our body not serving us due to stress and fear, such as cortisol, and how to maximise (up-regulate) the natural chemicals which are good for us and feel good, such as oxytocin.

Life Purpose Coaching - October / November 2023

Do you have a sense of meaning and purpose in your life which supports your decision making everyday? Or are you lost, unsure and de-energised, wondering what you are meant to be doing in this life?

Understanding your life purpose supports you to have greater connection with yourself, those you love, those you haven’t met yet and the world as a whole. Your purpose supports you to determine who you want to be in the world and you can make decisions based on knowing who you are and being the best version of you.

This module takes a deep dive into purpose work enabling curiosity, creativity, discovery and clarity about who you are deciding to be in a powerful way, which shapes your life and your experiences. This module teaches practical steps to uncover your purpose, and consequently support your clients to do the same.

You will experience the questions and processes for yourself – and even if you are aware of your purpose – the experience will deepen and enhance what you are already aware of.  You will walk away with the following:

  • An understanding about what purpose work is in the coaching context
  • An experience of practical exercises to uncover your purpose, and work with your clients to uncover their own, which also includes unpacking of the processes you experience
  • Your own unique purpose statement in a powerful way, while getting clarity and inspiration about the work you are meant to be doing in the world
  • An understanding of how to use and experience metaphors and creativity to deepen the learning of purpose work in coaching conversations
Coaching Values for success and fulfilment - November 2023 / February 2024

Do you or your organisation or your client feel lost or overwhelmed or uninspired or perhaps frustrated or angry? Do you or your organisation or client struggle to make decisions easily, quickly, effectively?

Our success and fulfilment, whether it be in the personal, professional or corporate world will be in direct alignment with our ability to get clear about what is truly important to us – what we value most - and setting goals and taking action in support of those top values which will create most of our experiences.

If we are not consciously clear about what matters most to us and what inspires us into action and the outcomes we want to experience, and take action in alignment what is important to us, then we are unlikely to experience what we truly want.

Instead, we may somehow sabotage our efforts, goals and dreams due to the unconscious values and beliefs which are sneakily 'playing out' in our beliefs and behaviours unconsciously – so we are not even aware of the sabotaging values keeping us small.

Values are the invisible driving forces behind our every decision: small and big, based on what we perceive is or has been missing in our life. And if we aren't clear about these, we are 'rudderless' in our decision-making and in our life experiences. In fact, if we are not happy with our life experiences, we are potentially making decisions according to someone else's values such as our parents' or culture's.

In this module, the focus and practice is on personal values which can be translated into the corporate setting. This means understanding and experiencing the processes to uncover deep, authentic, unconscious values to support our purpose and what inspires us so our future focus and actions are fully aligned with what we consciously know is truly important, energising and inspiring - and also unlocks the GENIUS within. You will take away the following:

  • Become clear about what brings you to life and what energises you
  • Identification of your top potential 3 to 5 values which you know brings you alive and also supports your decision making, especially in the challenging times
  • Clear understanding of your goals, commitments and what inspires you based on knowing who you want to BE and what you want to DO - to step into and realise those top values you’ve identified for yourself
  • Discovery of deeper unconscious limiting beliefs and saboteurs that were holding you back – and work with them to find their wisdom to support their top values
  • A ‘road map’ to your compelling life!
Group Coaching & Facilitation - February 2024

Are you unsure how to coach and facilitate groups: how to set-up, what processes to use and how to manage the group to stay on track with the goal/s? Are you ready to take your practice to the next expansive level from serving one to serving many?

Understanding how to coach and facilitate groups incorporates many elements including how to manage yourself, your time, handling challenging questions and feedback, structuring your session, designing activities to ensure experiential learning and so much more.

How to manage yourself and your mindset as a coach facilitating groups is crucial. Also key is an understanding of working with a group of individuals with different styles of communication and learning, as well as different requirements and needs. In this module, you will learn:

  • How to integrate all the different learning and communication styles
  • What kind of activities enable the building of trust and rapport
  • What are the differences between working with individuals and a group Using a coaching framework for group work
  • Tools and processes to work with groups and measure performance
  • Where you are in the system of a group and how to positively influence the system
  • How to plan a group coaching programme
  • What steps and tools are used along the way to create powerful outcomes for groups
Setting up your coaching practice for success - September 2022 / March 2023

Do you want to be a coach with a thriving practice making a positive difference in the world? Do you know you have what it takes to be a great coach? But are you failing to create the practice you imagined and desire?

Being a great coach does not necessarily mean you will create a successful business. Setting up a thriving practice utilises different mindset, skill sets, structures and processes. And when you also understand your own value and what you bring to the world, you have the confidence to create win win outcomes.

In this module, we provide step-by-step structures and processes to enable you to think about the practical aspects of bringing clients into your practice and ways to think about increasing your income to ensure success is good for you, your clients and beyond!

When you understand your own value and what you are bringing to the world with the work you do as a coach, you will gain the confidence to step into your own power and recognise your worth.

 In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Create your entrepreneur mindset for success
  • Use heart-centred selling to create long-term partnerships
  • Win clients with an authentic coaching conversation. This means the client sells your coaching programme to themselves as they tap into what is truly important by answering your powerful questions.
  • Acknowledge your personal value and know your worth
  • Structure your practice and your coaching sessions to give you more financial viability
  • Carry out sample/sales/coaching conversations based on observing certified coaches in action demonstrate the skills

 You will also walk away with a detailed checklist of what is important to be aware of when setting up your business, questionnaires to support your set-up,  a step-by-step sales script to support your clients to say yes to creating a partnership with you along with many other helpful resources as a consequence of our own experiences and working with some of the best coach business mentors in the world today.

Executive Coaching - September 2022 / April 2023

Do you want to move into executive coaching but don’t know how? Are you daunted by the prospect of what is expected in executive coaching? Or do you coach executives but feel you're not supporting your clients to get the results they want?

When a coach moves into executive coaching, they often haven't been trained to work with different ‘systems’ involved in the process, such as relationships with the client's sponsor, organisational dynamics, line manager, direct reports, colleagues and so on.

In this module we provide insights and how to work with the different elements involved in executive coaching. For example, in an executive coaching assignment, there will typically be the sponsor or organisation goals (from a job role, stakeholder, organisation, business plan/strategy, team goal, kpi, procedures, policy etc perspective) as well as the individual executive client goals. The executive coach has to take into consideration the many elements of the business which are involved in creating the outcomes for the client’s success. 

Setting-up your coaching practice for success working with corporate clients and executives includes how to manage the three way relationship of HR/Line Manager, coachee and coach. It also covers the understanding of the do's and don'ts working with executive clients and how to structure your practice. This incorporates habits, 'chemistry'  conversations (when invited to meet the sponsor and coachee), measuring success (including feedback conversations with stakeholders) and the coaching conversations themselves. 

We also include provision of corporate coaching resources: questionnaires, processes, checklists, reading materials and more. 

In this experiential module we share our executive coaching experience as well as providing the essential tools and templates we’ve created over the years in our executive coaching work. You will learn:

  • What is Executive Coaching
  • How to assess the need/ opportunity for Executive Coaching
  • How to establish the coaching relationship with the different systems involved in Executive Coaching
  • How to conduct the initial chemistry session
  • Use of ICF Coaching Ethics when coaching in the workplace
  • How to implement coaching assessments
  • A process to conduct the first coaching discussion
  • How to create a development plan
  • The process of managing the three-way relationship between HR Line manager/ Client/ Coach
  • How to conduct ongoing coaching
  • Ways of reporting, providing feedback, measuring results and transitioning clients
  • How to close the executive coaching programme

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