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Ep. 74 | Melissa Loizou

ICF Certified Coach

Melissa Loizou is an ICF certified coach in Qatar. Having followed a career path in General Management and Brand Development, Melissa found her passion in building relationships, training and supporting talent development. Melissa attended coach training and it was life changing. She moved out of the corporate world and established a small coaching practice where she could follow her passion and support people to find their own passion. Her journey into coaching was a personal and professional one, where the skills she learned supported her personal growth and that of her relationships while she was learning to be a coach and have the honor of touching other people’s lives to support them to find their truth.

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Ep. 73 | Siobhain Whitty

Coach, Mentor & HR Professional

Siobhain Witty is an Empower World associate coach with her own practice. In this interview, Siobhain explores how coaching is fundamental to the behavioural development and self-awareness needed to be a successful leader. She also discusses how we are all leaders in our own lives and in our own ways – that leadership isn’t confined to the workplace.

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Ep. 72 | Naomi Aboud

Life coach, birth coach, prematurity advocate

Naomi Aboud comes to coaching from a leadership and general management position in the coffee industry. She listens and helps people connect to the reason they are here on earth, their legacies and how they design their lives, whether it’s in the birth room, their business or on a hike. Aboud supports mothers as a doula and stands by families through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Her passion lies in the feminine power and the responsibility women have as leaders in their own lives, in raising the next generation to be a compassionate, and playing a crucial role in the reinvention of organization to be have more compassion. 

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Ep. 71 | Larissa Thurlow

Certified coach, leadership development professional

Larissa Thurlow is a learning and development professional with a passion for wellness. She specializes in internal coaching, leadership development, employee engagement and culture building while ensuring that clients are looking at their lives in a holistic way to realize their goals. She has dedicated herself to helping leaders look at and create meaning and wellness in their own lives and in their organizations, which results in healthy and motivated employees.

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Ep. 70 | Colin Boyd

International speaker, Trainer, Coach

Colin Boyd is a high-performance leadership expert for large corporations. He is an international speaker, trainer and coach, obsessed with finding the perfect blend of psychology and practicality in every keynote presentation and training programme. Every idea he presents must be elegant, thorough and useful. His clients include Hewlett Packard, Suncorp Insurance Group, Allianz, Fuji Xerox and Gloria Jeans. His warm and insightful approach will make you feel included in the process, but stretched to think bigger. Visit his website to learn more!

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Ep. 69 | Avril Baxter

Business & Life Coach, Mentor and a wonderful friend

This week's podcast is in memory and in dedication to Avril Baxter – an inspirational coach and a beautiful soul who passed away from Leukemia a few weeks back. Her strong message for all us is to live our life fully, seize the opportunities, appreciate what we have and treat ourselves and others kindly and with love.

Avril inspired Jeanine to become a coach, and in this podcast Jeanine shares Avril's powerful qualities made her very successful. Avril created a significantly positive legacy in this world and touched the hearts of the many people who came into her professional and personal worlds at a deep level - including Empower World's - which will continue to inspire and pay forward.

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Ep. 68 | Dr. Yvonne Sum & Mark Dickson

Executive Directors of 5 Echo, Leadership Development Consultants & Coaches

Mark Dickson has worked with the world’s leading organisations in the energy, professional services, finance, aviation and oil and gas industries since 1995. His major focus is developing leadership skills through modeling, mentoring, coaching and an understanding of the inner person.

Dr Yvonne Sum is a published international author on leadership and strategy that crosses the contexts of both home and work. She helps executives from the West seamlessly shift their contextual intelligence as they enter emerging markets of the East. Dr Sum supports leaders to create heartfelt communication, counter-intuitive learning, mindful resilience and courageous innovation.

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Ep. 67 | Marie Quigley & Jeanine Bailey: Importance for setting goals

Jeanine Bailey and Marie Quigley
Co-founders of Empower World

In this week's Empower-World podcast, co-founders Jeanine Bailey and Marie Quigley explore how a reflective coaching session creates a positive, transformative outcome for clients by supporting them to develop self-awareness, understand what success truly means to them and create their own unique path to self-fulfillment.

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Ep. 66 | Dr. Yvonne Sum

Certified Meta Coach, Leadership Facilitator

Dr Yvonne Sum draws executives deep into their inner essence to make timely changes in their outer world. Sum is an Australian who has lived in Asia and the Middle East and is the co-founder of 5Echo, a global leadership consultancy focusing on C-level executives. She facilitates unique leadership development and executive coaching programmes to help executives discover a balanced leadership presence to drive through their 4G (Gender, Generational, Generosity, Global) challenges by seamlessly shifting their contextual intelligence.

You can find out more about Yvonne Sum here: and

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Ep. 65 | Kaye-Maree Dunn

Entrepreneur, Project Manager with Maori Women's Development Inc.

Kaye-Maree Dunn is an entrepreneur and permaculturalist and resides in Wainuiomata Wellington. She is fascinated with family, community and technology and has been working in the realm of Maori and community development for over 16 years. Coaching is a core passion for Kaye-Maree ensuring that individuals have the right tools and support to govern their lives with confidence and competence. 

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Ep. 64 | Michelle Arscott

Life, Executive & Education Coach

Michelle Arscott works successfully with an array of clients and uses her experience in the education sector and academic background in psychology and sociology to benefit her clients. Her projects have included working with students at Compass International School, supporting them to successfully transition to secondary school. Arscott is an Empower World associate coach and works as an executive coach with corporate clients including Hamad Hospital and Ooredoo. She also coaches private individual clients from young adults and children to adults.

To contact Michelle for further information please email her at [email protected]

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Ep. 63 | Fatima Nakhjavanpur

Executive and Leadership Development Coach

Fatima Nakhjavanpur has been an independent Certified Executive, Career and Personal Coach since 2009. She speaks and works in 3 languages of English, French and Persian and has 18 years of experience working in the corporate world. She has coached more than 100 people in 40 different nationalities and delivered more than 750 hours of coaching to a range of senior managers, board members and regional directors in in FMCGs, banks, IT and financial institutions. Her clients include Emirates Bank NBD, Dubai Airports, Acer Computers and Unilever.

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Ep. 62 | Joe Pane

Human Behaviour Expert, Trainer, Facilitator

In this podcast, Joe Pane shares his insights into patterns of human behaviour and how he believes that demonstrating love and care in the workplace requires being vulnerable and accessing your courage, leading to leading the most honest and rewarding life.

Pane is an expert in human behavior and has worked with some of Australia's premier organisations, including Jones Lang Lasalle, NAB, ANZ, Ray White, Coles Group and Hocking Stuart. He is a senior facilitator at the Coaching Institute of Australia, and has trained more than 3000 coaches.

You can connect with Joe on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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Ep. 61 | Rachel Anastasi

Trained coach, owner of Free To Be Me Life Coaching

In this podcast, Rachel Anastasi shares how she overcame her own self-imposed limitations to invest in herself and utilise her inquisitive nature to support the well being of others and organsiations as a business owner before the age of 30.

As a coach, mentor, facilitator, speaker and author, Anastasi has worked effectively with organisations and thousands of individuals.  She has a deep understanding of humans and what makes them tick which allows her to create fast results. She also has her own magazine in conjunction with Australia's Empower Magazine.

You can find Rachel on Facebook, LinkedInTwitter and

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Ep. 60 | Sonia Choquette

Author, six-sensory consultant, spiritual teacher, transformational visionary guide

In this podcast, Sonia Choquette discusses intuition and how it works. She also gives valuable advice on how to access your intuition, use it in your everyday life and demonstrates in a live example with Marie Quigley.

Choquette is also a storyteller and likes to use humor amongst other skills for the purpose of guiding people out of their difficult position to move into healthier, happier places.

To find out more, you can visit her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter.

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Ep. 59 | Dr. John Gray

Expert in communication and relationships, Author of best-selling book, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"

In this week's podcast, we interview relationship expert Dr. John Gray, the author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Gray shares valuable advice on how leading with an open heart can create honest, intimate and powerful relationships built on trust and authenticity. He shares tips, techniques and real life experiences that can enable people to create the relationships they really want.

Gray’s unique focus is assisting men and women in understanding, respecting, and appreciating their differences. His work has been instrumental in empowering people to understand each other in a more powerful way.

To find out more about Gray’s work, you can visit his website here or follow him on Twitter here.

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Ep. 58 | Be the best we can be as coaches.

Empower-World Coaches

In this week's podcast, Empower World shares the gifts of not only learning the skills of great leadership to empower and lead others, but also great coaches and leaders will undergo a journey of personal development themselves to uncover what is important to them. By stretching ourselves as coaches as leaders to do our personal deeper work, we can be the best we can be to support and empower others to be the best they can be.

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Ep. 57 | Dr. John Demartini

Founder of the the Demartini Institute

This podcast features Dr. John Demartini, a leading authority on human behavior and leadership development. The Demartini Institute has more than 72 courses on self-development, life mastery and leadership in its extensive curriculum, and Demartini has written more than 40 self-development books, including the best seller, The Breakthrough Experience. Demartini travels around the world addressing both public and professional audiences, where he teaches people self-governance and how to develop their leadership and empowerment in all areas of their lives.

You can find out more about Dr DeMartini by visiting his website

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Ep. 56 | Samantha Preston

Life coach, Founder of iLead-Me

In this week's episode, Samantha Preston shares with us her success in utilising Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Motivation Theory in supporting her clients.

Preston spent 17 years in the Australian aviation sector prior to relocating to the Middle East in 2007. She brings a deep understanding of the development of leadership cultures, styles and synergies to the LHH|Gulf team. She has trained as a Co-Active Coach with the Coaches Training Institute, and is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

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Ep. 55 | Coaching in the Gulf Region

Jeanine Bailey and Marie Quigley
Co-founders of Empower World

In this week's podcast, co-founders Jeanine Bailey and Marie Quigley share how they got their breakthrough as professional life coaches. They talk about how recognizing their passion for coaching aligned with their purpose and value, taking small steps and establishing relationships through their work led to setting up a successful client base and coaching business.

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Ep. 54 |  Coaches Questions, Pt. 2

Jeanine Bailey and Marie Quigley
Co-founders of Empower World

In this week's Empower-World podcast, co-founders Jeanine Bailey and Marie Quigley share how they got their breakthrough as professional life coaches. They talk about how recognizing their passion for coaching aligned with their purpose and value, taking small steps and establishing relationships through their work led to setting up a successful client base and coaching business.

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