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International Coach Federation (ICF) Approved Online Professional Coach Training and Leadership Programmes for Level 1 and Level 2


Your Journey Begins Now

 Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others?

  Would you like to live a life fully aligned with your true purpose?

  Do you want to learn to create sustainable success and fulfilment? 

If you said YES to any of these questions, then this is your opportunity to transform your life with our International Coach Federation (ICF) Approved Online Coach Training and Leadership Programme where you will learn the fundamental knowledge, skills and tools that coaches use to facilitate lasting positive change.

Through expert training and facilitation, your ICF Master Certified Coaches (MCC) set you up for coaching success, where you practice the skills you’re learning and developing. You will also experience your own personal development journey with an intimate group of like-minded colleagues in a supportive environment.

If you’re longing for a life filled with more meaning, more connection, and more fulfilment from supporting others... then this is the path for YOU!


Who Is This Training For?

People seeking to work full or part-time as a professional coach

 Leaders in organisations who seek to use highly effective coaching skills to support themselves, their teams and colleagues

 People who want to experience an in-depth, life-changing personal development program

 People who want to be part of a vibrant community of coaches and professionals from around the world who support one another to step into their brilliance

 Our training regularly includes individuals sponsored by their organisation which recognise the value of coaching skills.


What People Are Saying About The Training


Michelle Arscott 
Empower world Alumni, award winning coach of the year 2020 and 2021


Fergal O'Malley
Advanced Paediatric and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and Personal Trainer


Maryna Shchapina
Director of Hospitality


Payal Mehta
Founder Healing Life

What You Will Gain

On completion of the ICF certification requirements you have the opportunity to:

⮞ Learn skills to support yourself and others to navigate the opportunities and challenges arising day-to-day and unlock the unlimited potential within to create an incredible life

⮞ Become an internationally recognised and certified coach by the world renown ICF  and be rewarded for what you love and know you are meant to do

Understand the neuroscience behind human behaviour and what creates positive, powerful change

Become a masterful coach under the mentoring of the Co-Founders who coach at a mastery level

 Create the future of your dreams: whether you are choosing to be a professional coach or a professional who uses coaching as part of their core skills

⮞ Belong to a supportive community and network of coaches who are in this noble profession to positively stretch people to evoke their greatness

 Connect with like minded colleagues and continue to expand and grow your skills and knowledge as a coach and as a  person with ongoing skill development online communities and programs.

 Access an ongoing and deep library of free resources to support the success of your coaching or business or career path or relationships or life generally, including Empower World's podcast 

 And so much more!

What You Will Learn

This program is presented and facilitated in a highly experiential and interactive way. The skills shared and taught are practiced to integrated learning in the mind, body and heart. Here's some of the things we cover:

⮞ What coaching truly is and what it isn't 

⮞ Powerful communication techniques such as building rapport, questioning to expand awareness and see new perspectives, active and intuitive listening and providing empowering and effective feedback

⮞ How to structure a coaching conversation

⮞ What attributes make a successful coach and coaching session

⮞ How the mind works and the impact on communication and behavior: neuroscience behind conversations

⮞ Goal setting for your personal and professional success

⮞ Success principles and pathways to follow on coaching journey with clients

⮞ Understanding different personality energies: ways people learn, communicate and experience their world

⮞ The 8 ICF core competencies of coaching success including the ethics associated with coaching

⮞ Understanding the role of and how to utilize emotions and intuition to create a beautiful and successful life.

⮞ Principles of self-mastery and leadership

⮞ How to work with our saboteurs which hold us back from our success and fulfilment

⮞ Understanding the keys to a purpose driven life: our own purpose, values, vision

⮞ How to set up and commence a powerful client coaching program

⮞ And so much more

We provide demonstrations throughout the training and there are many opportunities to practice the skills of coaching on the training days, during the sessions and post day eight-day training.


What Our Participants Are Saying

"The trainers at Empower World are warm, emphatic, inspiring and so very skillful. They will not only teach you great coaching skills and tools in a fun and impactful way, but you might as an extra bonus walk away with a new perspective on your personal life as well that might be the start of something new for you, as it certainly was for me."

Joy Simony

"As a mother of three teens, life coaching had a lightening effect on my life. It helped me discover my I, enhance my self-awareness and confidence, clarify my goals, and prioritize what is important for Me. And the best part, I embarked on new territories, and overcome deep fears which benefitted my family as well. Have you felt like you are living in a box, uncertain about your future, or even consumed by life? If you encountered these feelings, then it is time for you to stop and make a decision to challenge yourself to “Be the YOU that you want to be” Personally, I found the enhanced version of myself."

Zeina Barakat

"The course has impacted my personal life in many ways, but the biggest impact has been with how I interact with the people in my life. Most of us listen to respond, however, this course highlighted the importance of actively listening. This took ‘listening’ to a whole new level and I feel some of my relationships have benefitted from this way of interacting. My professional life was on hold as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. The opportunity to go on this course came up and I felt this was the answer I had been looking for. I would tell someone to just get on and do it! The course creates self-awareness, and this I believe is the key to finding out who you truly are. "

Teresa Townsend

"The Empower-World coach training is a transformational course that takes you on the most beautiful journey of self-realisation."

Yasmeen Hasan
ICF ACC Certified Coach, Former Entrepreneurship Manager at Bedaya Centre

" The program is a fantastic, empowering journey of self-discovery and celebration."

Ayesha Masood
Head Planning and Projects Qatar Foundation

"This course gave me an awareness of the extreme power in coaching. It truly is a conversation like no other."

Trish Mills
Executive Director of Corporate Governance at Sidra Medical and Research Center

"I highly recommend anyone to do the course with Empower-World. It has been a truly amazing journey of self-development, self-awareness and learning."

Elsbeth Blekkenhorst
Founder & CEO CAREER by HER

"This program has taken me on an incredible journey of discovery. Not only have I learned a valuable new skill. I have also grown stronger as a person."

Leanne Manchanda

"The Empower World coach training is the right choice to take your self-awareness to next level: confidence, connection, authenticity and commitment make it an empowering and inspirational experience."

Annapia Racanelli
Recruitment Business Partner at Qatar Airways

"It is a brilliant training with loads of interactive learning. A great way of better knowing yourself and be shown the path to live your life to the fullest."

Patricia Bannier
Senior Project Manager

"I recommend the course for both beginners and more experienced coaches who would like a practical coaching element or for anyone who would like to refresh their existing knowledge, learn more and be accredited by the highly reputable ICF."

Michelle Arscott

"A life changing course delivered with a level of passion and professionalism I rarely see. Marie and Jeanine are the real deal. I challenge you to attend the course and be amazed at the results."

Deirdre Hutchinson
Chief Executive Officer, Catalyst International

"The awareness created within myself during this course has given me the greatest gift of opportunity for fulfillment in all aspects of life. "

Blair Aboutaleb

"This course has enabled me to put myself on the frontline ad rediscover the confidence in me to empower others through coaching. Totally fabulous and amazing."

Lillian Muteithia
Counselling Psychologist and Coach in Training

"This was a journey that feels like a "journey to the centre of the earth". The earth being me. And I have wandered far and wide to find purpose and balance and strength, while it was all within me, in my core, it has been underneath like wild fire. It has brightened my world and I am HOME. "

Annette Lobo

"This course has taken me on a journey that you can only imagine through experience. I am forever changed and with the new change in me- moving forward is the only option."

Amie Rollens

Elizabeth Wood
Founder and CEO, Inspire ME

Anne Marie Froud
Empower world Alumna


Dr. Lubna Saghir
Empower World Alumna

Dr.Walid A. El-Saady
Owner & MD Lotus Medical Center


Joyce Silva
Empower World Alumna

Shannon Kadenyi
Empower World Alumna

We continuously receive feedback from people about how investing in the Empower World programmes have changed their lives – and this picture from one of our amazing participants says so much how it supports to overcome fears and limiting beliefs.

 Saad Ghosn, a Coach Training and Leadership programme participant writes:

 “I can confidently say that I am using most of the coaching skills, which I learned during my training with Empower World. I am extremely grateful to Jeanine and Marie for all what they have done to support me on a personal and professional level. This picture is a small gift to Empower World, which allowed me to overcome my fears and fly high.”

 If you would like to fly high like Saad, take a look at the various programmes we offer. 

Participants From All Over The World

About Empower World

Founders Jeanine Bailey and Marie Quigley passionately support people to evoke their greatness by supporting them to connect to their authentic truth by asking powerful questions of their heart, mind, body and soul linked with their goals, dreams and aspirations.

This holistic approach to coaching - as well as having an understanding of the neuroscience behind coaching conversations - has supported thousands of people - both life and corporate coaching clients - to make significant, courageous and positive change in their lives.

Empower World's global headquarters is in Doha, Qatar and the company works in the Middle East, Australasia and Europe. Marie and Jeanine have delivered executive and life coaching programs for individuals; cutting-edge International Coach Federation (ICF) approved coach training; mentoring programs in-house and publicly; and tailored workshops and facilitation programs to organisations and thousands of people since 2012.

With thousands of coaching hours experience and working with the global organisations such as Vodafone and Siemens, when you choose Empower World, you work with professional, heart-centered coaches with a proven track record for supporting people to enhance both their performance and fulfilment beyond expectations, which can be measured, experienced and felt.


Program Overview

During these highly interactive ICF-approved Online Coach Training programmes, you learn the knowledge, skills and tools professional coaches use to facilitate lasting, positive change with individual and group clients.

You will also experience a powerful personal development journey as you experience and practice the skills and knowledge you gain.

We've trained, supported and coached thousands of participants to create significant change in their lives, offering ICF approved coach training since 2012 in Qatar, New Zealand and more recently in Australia.

Becoming a professional coach means being in charge of your life and destiny. You not only learn how to support others, you also learn how to self coach in times of challenge and opportunity. This means you  learn how to empower yourself across every area of your life.

Pathway to becoming a Level 1 Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

 Attend a minimum of 60 hours of coach specific training including 10 hours of mentoring with an ICF-registered mentor coach.

 Performance evaluation at the end of the total 60 hours of training.

 A minimum of 100 hours coaching experience logged and declared to the ICF.

 Completion of a multiple choice coach knowledge assessment directly provided by the ICF.
Empower World sets you up for success to pass the assessment. We've had 100 per cent pass rate with all coaches who have gone through the training and mentoring program with Empower World.

"Be the best you can be and make the difference you were born to make."

Pathway to becoming a Level 2 Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

 Attend a minimum of 125 hours of coach specific training including 10 hours of mentoring with an ICF-registered mentor coach.

 A minimum of 500 hours coaching experience logged and declared to the ICF.

 Two coaching recordings for assessment up to and less than one hour, plus a transcription submitted to the ICF.

 Completion of a multiple choice Coach Knowledge Assessment directly provided by the ICF.
Empower World sets you up for success to pass the assessment. We've had 100 per cent pass rate with all coaches who have gone through the training and mentoring program with Empower World.

Upcoming Empower World’s ICF Approved Online Level 1 (ACC) and Level 2 (PCC) Professional Coach Training and Leadership Programmes

Upcoming Intake

Day 1: June 24 (10 am to 4 pm Qatar / 8 am to 2 pm UK)
Day 2: July 1 (10 am to 4 pm Qatar / 8 am to 2 pm UK)
Day 3: July 8 (10 am to 4 pm Qatar / 8 am to 2 pm UK)
Day 4: July 15 (10 am to 4 pm Qatar / 8 am to 2 pm UK)
Day 5: December 2 (11 am to 7 pm Qatar / 8 am to 4 pm UK)
Day 6: January 20 (11 am to 5 pm Qatar / 8 am to 2 pm UK)

Your Investment

Download our ICF Approved Online Level 1 (ACC) and Level 2 (PCC) Professional Coach Training and Leadership Programme
Your Investment During Training Includes:

⮞  Admission to 8 Full Days of Online Coach Training to begin your professional coaching career

⮞  The training, information, practice experience and feedback to set you up as a coach in training to support your journey to gain accreditation 

⮞  All Training materials, handouts and communications

⮞  Networking opportunities with like minded people

⮞  Coaching hours towards your Accredited Certified Coach (ACC) certification

⮞  A certificate of training completion upon finalising the requirements of the Coach Training program

Your Investment Beyond Training Includes:

⮞  Membership and exclusive invitations to our SuperCoach networking events

⮞  Membership to Empower World's private Coach Training community where you will be supported by Marie and Jeanine, Empower World Associates and other like minded coaches who conspire for your coaching success

⮞  Exclusive "coaches only" promotions & discounts to trainings

⮞  Lifetime access to our regular online Q&A sessions geared to supporting coaches ongoing success

⮞  Free coaching resources and support from our coaches and members

⮞  Feedback on one of your recorded coaching sessions by one of our senior Empower World Associate coaches and trainers


ICF Approved Online Coach Training and Leadership Progamme

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