Jeanine Bailey and Marie Quigley

Co-founders of Empower World

Marie:  Good evening, good afternoon, good morning, wherever you are in the world, this is Marie Quigley with my amazing business partner, Jeanine Bailey. And this is Empower World, the Coaching and Leadership podcast, and we are very happy to be speaking with each other aren’t we Jeanine.

Jeanine:  Very and it's my early morning here in Australia.

Marie: And my late night in the UK, and we know that you're listening at different times in a day. So, it's always five o'clock somewhere, let's say that.

Jeanine: Yes, exactly. Five o'clock in the morning.

Marie:  Yeah, often times we’re meeting currently. Right.

Jeanine: Yes.

Marie:  Because we're on purpose. Because we're where we're recreating a lot of our work. We're redesigning how and what we deliver. We've got lots of exciting new projects on for the Empower World community, for coaches who are joining our programmes from outside, all around the globe. It's just phenomenal how we've been able to reach people from Brazil to Australia to Belgium to the UK and all around. It's a wonderful journey that we've been on.

Jeanine: Yes. And it's been amazing having participants from New Zealand. Sometimes for me, the timing is in the middle of the night, but New Zealand can perhaps experience even more crazy hours. So, it's wonderful to have people who, again, are dedicated and really wanting to make a difference in the world through the work that they do. And so, we really are stepping into our name of Empower World as we've been introduced to this much more expansive way of working together online as a consequence of what's happened across the world with Covid-19. So, yes, it's brought in some hardships and some difficulty and challenges and loss as well. And we know that it's opened up worlds for many people, including ourselves, and for that we’re grateful and we’re grateful for hopefully the positive impact on the world itself in terms of the environment and the biodiversity and know all things living. It's giving our world a bit of a chance to breathe, I believe.

Marie: Absolutely and we have just completed our module on setting up a successful practice, creating fantastic clients for your business. So, it was the final module of this month's session tonight. And we were just talking about it, Jeanine, and we thought about what would be useful as a consequence of what people have gone through over the whole module in developing their practice. What are some of the lessons learned, the main lessons learned that came out of that module? So that's what we're going to talk about tonight, some of the lessons that came out of reflecting, questioning, getting curious about how to make a successful coaching practice.

Jeanine: Yeah, and this module is part of our Advanced Coach Training Skills program, which we call The Diamonds. And this is really a deep dive. I think people are perhaps the participants aren't expecting such a deep dive into understanding what is it that they truly want? What do they really, truly want to create for themselves in this practice? Who are they going to work with? What's the ripple effect? What's their purpose? Even though we look at purpose work in our foundation coach training and also, we have a module around, you know, very much about purpose. But again, we’re bringing that in the purpose of values and again, who's their ideal client and who importantly, who are they being as a coach? What are they bringing into the world? Because we know that that matters. Who we're being and how we come into that space, or maybe not even in that space who are being from second to second, moment to moment, minute to minute? And of course, we can be all sorts of things in a day. But who are we generally mostly choosing to be? What are the beliefs? What is the presence, the energy that we want to exude? And again, with all of that purpose and what it is that we want to create in the mind, what are we really here for? If we and if we ask ourselves, if we ask our clients, what are we really here for? What is our purpose? What are we meant to be doing in this world? It can just change, change lives, change our own life, which then supports others to change theirs.

Marie: Absolutely some great questions to reflect on purpose, and even before that, that question of purpose comes our state, our energy, how we're turning up to our work. So, one of the things that we looked at in tonight's section of the module was who we are being in this work. So, when we're enrolling clients, when we're calling our clients forth to do and live great lives, to be themselves, who we being in our work? And I shared a story about recommending a client that I, I couldn't take because my list was full. So, I recommended them to go work with another coach. And they came back to me and said, you know, the energy of the coach just didn't fit. It was it was low. It was nervous. It didn't feel like the coach could hold the container for me to do the work. And I think that's such an important feedback from clients. They notice when our energy is not a match for them, they notice when, as coaches, we are not professionals in our work. When we are not holding a courageous space to hold ourselves in trust and courage so that they can hold themselves in trust and courage.

Jeanine: Yes, it's such an important story, Marie, to share if we're not exuding that that way of being, there's an energy transference which people obviously pick up. We are communicating not just through our words, but through our physiology, through our energy, through who we're being, and we communicate through our hearts as well. So according to heart math. So, if we are not being who we want to be, if we're holding beliefs that we are not good enough, I don't deserve this, I'm not valuable enough or I'm scared to ask for the business, I'm going to put them off. If we're holding any of those kinds of beliefs, then what's going to happen? Most likely the business is not going to, you're not going to be able to call forth the clients that you want to work with. Now, there's also, when we’re new coaches potentially yes, those fears and beliefs are going to pop up perhaps a little bit more easily than for more experienced coaches. So, it is being aware as perhaps a new coach, what is it that I can do? What can I step into? What is the state that I can step into that will support me? What is, again, based on my purpose, why I'm here? If I can step into that state knowing that I'm meant to be doing this work, that I am valuable, that I do bring so much amazing qualities and abilities to be able to support people to step into their best life. It's going to create a different outcome, potentially. So, it's really doing the work to be able to step into the state that we know that we want to be in, especially when it is as we want it to be, to work with the people that we want to.

Marie: Right. And it's reframing those beliefs or asking the saboteurs to leave the room to allow us to step into our best selves, the wisest parts of ourselves. And we talk about this in one of our other diamond modules, the parts work, you know, there are parts of us that are scared and parts of us that don't want to ask for the fee that we want to charge those are the scared parts of us and they came for a purpose. We talk about this in other modules, but the wisest part of ourselves knows that in order to exchange energy the of what we call an investment for our time, there needs to be a trust in self. There needs to be a belief that your work is going to impact someone else. If there isn't that belief and potentially, you're not going to be brave in your questioning, you're not going to challenge the client when they're doing the same old story telling. You are not going to be silent and let the client stay in silence. So, all of the courageous coaching that needs to happen for the client to create new awareness, that's not going to happen if you think I'm not good enough, I don't have enough experience. I'd better not charge that they might push back on me. So, all of those I mean, even watch my body language is that I'm saying that for those who are watching and not listening, I'm getting smaller and smaller with every comment that I'm telling myself that I'm not good enough. But if I stand in my self-trust, then the client can see that and feels automatically safer and they want to work with you.

Jeanine: Yeah, absolutely, and again, beautifully shared Marie and again, you're talking about the energy transfer when we're talking to ourselves in a certain way. So, if we practice that belief and that's self-talk of, I know I am worthy, I am good enough, I am meant to be here to make the change that I believe that I was born to do, born to create. We remind ourselves and step into that energy as much as possible. You know we're going to give ourselves a great chance to be able to create the practice that we want and to be able to support others to live their best lives. So, it's recognizing you bring a gift into the world and to hold that back is preventing others from experiencing that gift. And then for them to be able to pass on their gifts and so forth and so forth. So, this there's some things that we teach in our foundation program about the principles behind what coaching is and how we can be successful if we step into these principles. And a lot of that is trust, having trust in ourselves, trusting, really growing and developing that trust in ourselves. And yes, we're human. So, we're going to have those thoughts and beliefs that sabotage that. So, it's normal, but it's also recognizing when you hear it, I can reframe that. I can change my self-talk; I can practice different things that that shows that I trust in myself and I also trust that whatever I choose to focus on is going to come back. Whatever I choose to focus on, most will come back. It's trust in whatever I choose to put my energy and attention to will come back. So yes, it's one thing to say, yes, I want an amazing practice, but it's also another thing to step into and doing and taking action with the trust that it will come back. And trusting that, again, the this is going to sound very ooby dooby.

Marie: We can do Ooby dooby.

Jeanine: Ooby dooby woo, and trust that the universe will bring back what it is I'm putting out there and there's a science behind that, behind that Ooby dooby-ness, the reticular activator system, the part of the brain, the RAS, which is like the Google search engine of our mind, whatever we put into it, whatever we put most into it, because we're a mixture of light and dark. But whatever we choose to put most into that RAS, which is listening to our self-talk all the time, it's listening to what we're choosing to focus on. It's listening to the habits that we do day to day. So, the more that we program that reticular activating system with what is wanted through self-talk, through practice, through mindfulness, it's going to, our mind is going to look out for those opportunities to bring that to life. Hope that makes sense.

Marie: It makes sense, makes sense to me anyway. It's important, look, when you come out of Coach Training school or when you're starting to build your practice, you are new to all of this, but you haven't been born today. You've got so many talents and skills. It's remembering that you bring all of that with you in your coaching practice. And it's also that you're steps ahead of your client. Your client doesn't know how this process works. So, you're already more of an expert in the coaching process than the client is. Of course, the client's the expert of their life. But if you can name yourself and choose to be the expert where you are right now, because the pursuit of mastery is never ending, we might be MCCs, but we know there's still a long way of growth to go in our work. So, it's wherever you are, be masterful in that stage with what you have and what you know, trust in that. And that gives the confidence to the client to work with you because they feel that they feel safe with you, because you've got safety within yourself.

Jeanine: Yeah, and there's that beautiful word, trust that comes up again, so again, trusting that you are, as Marie shared, the expert in what you do in that moment. Trusting that whatever unfolds is perfect. So, it may not end up with the client, potential client, saying, yes, I want to work with you, and there again is beautiful learning in that. There is beautiful practice building your muscles to be able to continue to explore new client opportunities. So again, it's trusting that whatever shows up is perfect. It's giving us clues. It's giving us signals as to what we can do better if we're curious and explore, OK, what can I do in a different way? Who do I need to be, most importantly, when I'm in those kinds of experiences of not only looking for new work, but also when I'm working with clients, who do I need to be? What are the characteristics that I want to step into and show up in as, knowing that potentially those characteristics you have stepped into those in other areas of your life? So, it's bringing in and modeling that in your coaching.

Marie: And maybe it's even braver to say, to recognize that sometimes you're not a good fit with your client for you to say, actually, I'm not the coach for you. So that is a brave thing to do, to go into your practice, building practice and say, do I want to work with this client? And if I don't, it's about naming it and supporting the client to find the right coach for them. That's kind of really empowering to be able to do that.

Jeanine: It is, isn't it, Marie it's very powerful when you recognize and again, that talk that, you know, I'm taking control of my destiny and maybe that client who actually hasn't chosen to work with me is exactly what is needed for me. Exactly, I'm meant to be working with someone else, and this is supporting me to, again, build my strength, my muscle, and also, as you said Marie, just to be able to say no to someone that doesn't feel, again, trusting your intuition, trusting your heart, trusting your wisdom that is meant to make space for someone else that I'm meant to work with. So, again, it's constantly reframing things to make it work, to make to build up your strength, self-belief, self-trust.

Marie: Lovely. I think we can leave it there, Jeanine.

Jeanine: I think we can.

Marie: I hope we've created in you listeners some food for thought, for how you're being who you are being in this work, how you're turning up, what your energy is like and the impact that has on the client and whether you or they want to work with each other. And if you don't, it's OK. In fact, it's so empowering to know who your client ideal client is and be able to pass the ones that aren't meant to be for you, to someone else that they're meant to be with.

Jeanine: Yeah, and I am absolutely trusting that we're cooked here. And so, coaches, you know, have to think about who do you want to be, how do you want to show up in your sessions, whether it be the sessions to bring forth you’re the clients that you work with and the sessions that when you're working with your client, who do you choose to be? What is the energy, the state that you want to step into again, create amazing outcomes for your clients, to support them, to have amazing outcomes? So, thank you for listening in. And we look forward to seeing you on the next podcast.


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