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Jeanine: Welcome, listeners, thank you for joining Marie and myself on this episode of the Leadership podcast, the Coaching and Leadership Podcast, where, again, delighted to be with you. And I'm currently in Australia. It's early morning and Marie.

Marie: Yep. I'm in the UK currently, and it's late at night.

Jeanine: Thank you for being here with me. It's usually the other way round, so I'm excited to be working early morning.

Marie: We like to shake things up a bit. Yes. Don't get too used to it.

Jeanine: Ooh no I am moving outside of the comfort zone and of course when the clocks change, it'll be different again. So welcome again, everybody, and we are really delighted and excited to share this podcast with you all about intuition, which we absolutely love, it's one of our favorite ways to support our clients, to shift and move and understand different perspectives about what they're experiencing. It's a wonderful way to develop ourselves and to support our clients and to do the same to tap into their own powerful intuition.

Marie: So, we're going to continue with the conversation, if you like what you hear. We'd love you to comment and share with your community. We want to spread these think these topics that we talk about as far and wide as we can so we can help many, many cultures around the world, increase their capabilities, increase their abilities and make a difference to the clients and the world at large. So please share, if you like It.

Jeanine: Yes, so important to get these topics out into the world right now in the climate that we're in, in the challenge and the opportunities so, in advance. We thank you for sharing.

Marie: Our intuition is based on our past experiences. Other people say it's a kind of sensation or a feeling that emerges within us. Other people say it's a thought process that happens. So we want you to get curious about what intuition means for you. But we also want to get curious together in this video about how we can use intuition to support our client, to create a deeper awareness for themselves and how we can support them to tap into their own intuition when they've got decisions to be made.

Jeanine: Yeah, it's a really interesting topic, intuition. And as you said, it comes in different shapes and forms, images, a sense a thought, a feeling a gut reaction. It's potentially based on something that we've already experienced. But it'll be an instant kind of thought or image, whatever it may be for you, and it's just perhaps all something that's happened in the past, it's all sort of concertinaed into an instant intuitive thought or, again, sensation. And I think and I think it's more than that, and it's really tapping into. Beyond. Whatever it is for you and potential, you will hear some people say they're very intuitive. And others not so intuitive, you will have a belief about your own intuition. We all will, and I must admit that when I started this coaching for myself, I believed I was intuitive, but in my early days, I started to think maybe I'm not so intuitive. But I have intuition, but perhaps it's not as strong as it could be. And so with that belief, I got curious and really started to open my mind to listen beyond just perhaps initial thoughts, to expand my intuition. And so that's been a beautiful journey to explore personal intuition, which, again, supports me to support my clients, to appreciate their intuition. And what I found is actually we are intuition is it's within us all and we can expand it and we can develop it to create something that is really powerful. And I recognize that in my coaching, in my training, that I'm listening to my intuition all the time. But I did have not in beliefs about my intuition at the beginning of this process of being a coach. And so, again, we want to support you to expand your intuition, to then expand your client's intuition, and we invite you to keep strengthening. Again, another part of what we do as coaches, which is listening to our intuition in all sorts of different ways. So it's not believing. It's just this one way. It's in all sorts of different ways.

Marie: Absolutely. And so we said earlier you might see things you might think might pop up in kind of in front of you or inside you. You might get a sensation, a tingling. It might be a word that pops up or a thought or a question that you think of where that came from. And I. I ask I remember asking a question recently to a coachee and I asked it came out of my mouth. I had no idea where it came from. And he stopped in his tracks. And I thought, that's a weird question. He stopped in its tracks because the question was such a profound question for him. It made up even though it didn't make any sense to me that I asked the question, it made absolute sense for him, massive emotion into his awareness, and he realized a truth about himself that he hadn't seen before. How do I use my logical brain and thought, no, that doesn't make sense. Perhaps that would never have happened. So it's kind of intuition comes when you are fully present and we talk about the core competency of presence when we are in ourselves, when we are fully listening to the clients and being with ourselves, it's amazing what pops up when we can deeply listen. And the more we. So if I trust myself and I trust my intuition, that parallel process that happens is the client starts to learn how to be more present and how to trust whatever sensations are coming up in their system. And we ask questions like what is happening right now? What are you learning right now? What is appearing so that we help them tap into that kind of why is this part of themselves?

Jeanine: Yes, absolutely. Thank you for sharing your example. I think that's a great way to support those that are listening right now, that it is about letting go of the logic. And trusting what is showing up for yourself as a coach and you shared a parallel process for those who don't know what that means, it means the sensations, the images, the thoughts that we are reflecting from our client and perhaps even vice versa. So, as Marie said, when we truly present when we get out of our way and we're listening deeply to our clients, we will be picking up what our clients are experiencing. And so, it is about letting go of thinking logically and just noticing what's going on in the body. Maybe a thought. Maybe a metaphor. So, a metaphor is a really, again, powerful way to share what your intuition might what might be coming up for your intuition and reflecting that back to our client. And it might be in a way that you say and share. I don't know if this makes any sense to you or if this is perhaps what you're noticing. But what I'm noticing right now is ABC perhaps a not in my stomach or an image of a tree. I'm wondering if that means anything to you. And it's surprising it really is surprising how that parallel process, that reflection shows up over and over again. And it really it does take a little bit of again, maybe a lot of trusting what's coming up, because I certainly know as I was working on expanding my intuition in different ways was about just trusting what was coming up for me that potentially didn't make sense and. It made sense to the client or they were experiencing what I am experiencing. So, it's a really, powerful way to support your client, to create, again, another perspective or recognize that's what's happening for me, and then exploring that, asking, again, those questions. So, what is happening for you? What awareness are you creating? What does that mean for you? What's that like to experience that? What are you learning from this? What does that look like? Sound like feel like all of those different questions. And again, as a coach, trusting your intuition, what kind of questions to ask? Absolutely. Knowing that you. Go ahead. I was just going to finish off knowing that each of us will have. Our own unique intuition and so what I'm that I might ask of someone might be different, but perhaps Marie might ask of the same person. So, and it's trusting that we all have our unique way of intuiting. What's happening.

Marie: Beautifully said. I'm so glad I stopped interrupting Jeanine, because that is important. It's your uniqueness is what makes the difference. And so, it's trusting. What, however you intuit is absolutely perfect. It's about not worrying about being right. If it doesn't make sense to the client, they will let it go. They won't hold onto it and they will perhaps say, no, I have no idea what the tree means, but I know what this what I feel. And it's like an iceberg, something like that, so they can start to know themselves. Now, one thing we want to be clear about here, because what we often hear new coaches doing in the place of intuition is thinking they know what's best for the client and saying, my intuition tells me you should. So that's not your intuition. That is, you wanting to listen to the client somewhere else that is kind of having an agenda for the client. So, we want you to stay away from that because that is not going to serve the client. The client will find their own way. But if something is arising within you, it's about offering it to them as a gift. Let them have a look at it, let them see if it makes any sense to them and then exploring from that perspective.

Jeanine: Yes, beautifully said Marie. And yes, it's recognizing that perhaps our intuition might be different. From what our client is experiencing, so it is offering in a way that is I'm right, I t's offering it in a way of know. This is what's coming up for me now. And again, I could be off track here. I don't know if it makes sense. Is it OK if I share with you what what I'm experiencing and so asking for permission as well is really, again, powerful way for your client to appreciate what it is that you're sharing. And so, it's also, again, listening to your intuition as to what to share, because as human beings, we are judges. We are programmed to judge all the time to assess whether it's safe, whether it's good to move forward, so we're doing it all the time, so it's really stunning to listen to your own intuition as to what to share. So, it's listening to yourself thematically within your body, emotionally and with your thoughts as to what to share. So, I will offer things when they feel strong or if it continues to keep coming in a sort of picture, an image, a sense, perhaps a gut reaction. So, that's what I'll choose to share my intuition, because again, as coaches, we know that we want to support our clients to do most of the talking. So, it's being mindful as to when you do share your intuition and to share when it feels important, powerful, and something that will support the client shift their perspective.

Marie: Absolutely. So, if you got a chance to listen to some experienced coaches doing coaching who are not afraid to use their intuition, that's a great way of listening in observing and learning, but also start building your own intuitive muscles, sit with yourself. And as you may be thinking of another person that you love dearly. Notice what images, what thoughts, what sensations come up for you. Just pay attention. It's not about doing anything with them. It's just noticing what arises. Notice what arises when you maybe care for somebody you haven't spoken for to for a while. Notice what happens in that exchange when you're having maybe an exchange of conversation, thought, conversation with them as you imagine them. How many times have you thought about somebody in your life and you get a phone call from them or an email from them out of the blue? I mean, that happens to me so often. So, build your muscles up first. Stop paying attention to yourself. Remember, Coach, we keep saying this. The work begins with ourselves first. Start getting curious, start sitting in some silence, and so you are able to hear, see, experience, feel, taste, smell, whatever is in your environment.

Jeanine: Yes. And when you notice those strong tendencies, emotional, symmetrically thought was perhaps start practicing sharing your intuition again to support you to to build that intuitive muscle and to recognize the different ways that intuition works for you, because potentially. There will be some limiting of beliefs about your own personal intuition, so we all have it, we can all develop and expand it, we're far more intuitive than we realize. So. coaches, we invite you to continue to develop that part of yourself which will support you to support your clients.


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