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Award winning coach of the year 2020, Empower world Alumni, ICF ACC Accredited life coach,

Jeanine: Welcome, listeners, welcome to our next podcast with Empower World. And today, I'm not with Marie. I'm here with Michelle Arscott, one of our empowered alumni, who you perhaps have heard on our podcast before. And so we've brought her back because she's doing amazing things in the world today. And there's so many, Michelle, which I'm sure you can share in this podcast today. But the thing that brought us together on this particular podcast is the upcoming launch of your book, which triggered off that conversation about purpose and values and making our dreams become true. So this is a wonderful opportunity to, again, have a fantastic conversation with a coach that is making a difference. So welcome, Michelle.

Michelle: Thank you so much, Jeanine, and thank you for having this conversation and making it happen. And I really look forward to our discussion that we're going to have today.

Jeanine: Thank you, Michelle. Perhaps maybe you might want to share with the listeners who perhaps haven't heard from you before a little bit about your background.

Michelle: In terms of my background, I trained with the wonderful Empower World, and I'm an ICF ACC Coach and lived in Qatar for a while where Empower World was originally based. But now, of course, it's global. And did some associate work with Empower World when I lived in Qatar and now based in Kenya, and I am an adult and kids’ life coach. So I work both spectrums and I also bring in mindfulness as well. So I’m a mindfulness practitioner. So, I bring in aspects particularly of that within the kid's Life Coaching.

Jeanine: Mm. Yeah. Beautiful. It's in fact you were sharing with me earlier, Michelle, that there's that from your training, that there is this different element and aspect to being a children's life coach, that that mindfulness really supports them to be able to, Yeah, what's the word… I guess bring out the best in them, but maybe you'd like to elaborate a bit on that.

Michelle: Yes. Because obviously the principles of coaching are that we believe that a person is whole and that they have the answers within, which of course works with an adult and to some extent works with children. But children are also learning as well. So part of the coaching with children also has an aspects of mentoring because they don't have necessarily, I mean, in some cases they do, but they don't always have that capacity within them to find that answer. So sometimes when you're working with them, it's also about providing them with tools to help them. And a lot of the children I have are suffering with confidence or stress and anxiety. So mindfulness is a really nice way to end the session. So we usually end with, we call it a mind holiday, which is a guided visualization meditation. And it brings a lot of the stuff that we do to support self-development. So positive affirmations, suggestions around the goal they're working on, empowering them. So at the end of the session, they listen to that guided meditation. And the idea is also for home play that they listen to it at night before they sleep, because we're just setting up good practice and ways to be calm and happy and positive, which then can help them to be the best child they can be the best version of themselves.

Jeanine: Yeah, beautiful. So really supporting them to yeah, I guess slow everything down, to coming to a grounded, mindful place where they can potentially think through things and be able to find the resourcefulness within. So what I'm hearing is supporting them to again be the best version of themselves. So yeah, really interesting and Michelle, I again acknowledge you for all the wonderful work that you've done since you completed your training. You know, I'm hearing how you've gone on this beautiful adventure to explore different avenues and channels. So as you said, the kids coaching, also working with adults, mindfulness. And, you know, you're getting recognized and acknowledged for that, for all the work that you've been doing, so I'm hearing you joining TV programs, radio programs and so much more, as well as being acknowledged by the industry as well. So, you just recently won an award I believe.

Michelle: Yeah, I did, and I was so surprised that I got it, but yes, I won the Gold Stevie Award for Coach of the Year in Mental Wellness and Health, an International Award, focusing on women in business. So I was so surprised, you know, I so surprised in fact, when I received the email, I actually sent an email back saying, can I just confirm that you're saying that I won the gold award and they were like Yes, you did. You won the gold award. So yes. And it was a four days. I was just in total shock. So, it was lovely to receive the accolade.

Jeanine: So, what I'm hearing, Michelle, is you really are living your life on purpose. That's what I'm assuming. And I'm just going to check in.

Michelle: And I'm absolutely I mean; I love the work that I do. And I have to say, you know, during the pandemic chapter that we're in, it's really been my light because, you know, the world is slowed down. I'm an introverted extrovert. So I love going out and meeting people. And obviously the world has changed. So I'm spending my time in my home, in my compound. And so the thing that's really kept me happy and kept me positive has been the work. And as a spin off, I've been doing the coaching, but again, blended offering mental wellness packages to the key workers and front liners. And I'm about to do a project in January with vets and animal rescuers on compassion fatigue. So it also I feel like I'm giving, because I think we can sometimes feel a bit helpless at this time. What can we do? We're just in our homes. So this has been something that's developed over the pandemic, this ability to be able to support key workers and front liners. And it really gives me a sense of satisfaction because, I mean, it's similar to the session that I did with the with Empower World Alumni. But by the end of the session, these people are just feeling so much more positive. And that's bringing in coaching and other things like CBT and positive psychology and mindfulness. But it really keeps me going. So absolutely on track. You know, on my purpose, honoring my values in a really happy place in regards to my work and really work is probably the wrong word for it because I don't think like that. And then writing. So writing is also come off in terms of the book. But also I write magazine articles and I love writing creativity. So, coaching has really enabled me to tick so many boxes.

Jeanine: Wonderful. And yes, I hear when you say work, I was doing some writing recently myself around coaching and I think I was editing and noticed the words work in relation to coaching and I thought that's not the right word, it's not the right word for coaching because it's so Life-Giving and, so energizing for me anyway. And I'm hearing that for you too. So yeah, it's interesting. And so Michelle, in terms of and we had a quick discussion before beforehand and you talked about values and purpose and, you know, arriving at this place right here right now in terms of this book. And I have been lucky enough to see some of the illustrations from this beautiful book and hear what that story is about. And I'm so looking forward to seeing that book. And I am definitely going to buy it for my nephew and niece because it sounds like it's something to really set them up as well for practice and mindful practice going forward. So, what do you what would you like to share with our listeners about that, that journey of being connected to purpose values and arriving where you are right now?

Michelle: I think it's always about timing as well, because I've always known there's been a book in me and a book would come out and we were talking about as well in regards to your book. So it's always been there, but sometimes it's not the right time. So it's also about trusting that it will happen when it happens. So this has been the right time for me. So it's just come out because it's this book is an accumulation of the work that I've been doing. It's a summary of the training that I've done and my experience with children. And it's just evolved naturally because actually I was working on another book before this one and the other book will come out next year. But this book came out of Corona, so I call it my Corona baby. So this my Corona baby. So this have evolved from where I am now. So also it's about trusting, so believing that it will happen and knowing that it will happen and knowing that it will happen at the right time. And this is so the right time for this book. For me, the circumstances were right. And also I think the message is so important because it gravitates around, it's influenced by the loving kindness, mindfulness meditation, which is basically offering the love to yourself and then offering that love to others. So about self-compassion and self-love for you and compassion for others. And boy, do we need that at this time in the world. We need that light. And if we want more kindness in the world, which I think we need at the moment and more love, then it begins with loving ourselves and being appreciative of what we have. And then when we fill that cup with an able to offer it to others. So such an important lesson for adults. But also this book is a way of starting that with children and letting them also understand the power of the mind and that we’re connected and that we're not... because at the moment we can feel helpless, we can feel out of control. But through this book, you're starting to get children to understand that through the power of the mind, they can send positive thoughts to others and that they are connected. And it's not just about them. And the book also revolves around things that have kept me positive at this time. So gratitude, appreciation, kindness to others, that self-compassion. So, this book, as I said, is a real summary of where I am now and those important values that are really prevalent at this moment for me.

Jeanine: It sounds like a book that every child and adult should have.

Michelle: Well, that was the intention. Yes, a simple book, I mean, I love my background before I came into coaching, I was a mentor for teachers, but originally a primary school teacher and specializing in books and reading and writing and helping teachers to be the best version of themselves in terms of teaching, reading and writing. And just so spending a lot of time with books. And so there are so many beautiful books out there. And I always wanted to have a book that was beautiful in terms of the pictures as well as the words. So hopefully I've achieved that with this book. So a gift book, so to speak. So something that can be treasured and obviously the joy of picture books, is there's always different levels of interpretations from the words, but also the pictures as well. So, hoping that is true and that people see that in the book.

Jeanine: You know, having a glimpse into the book that's just about to come out, I absolutely believe that is true, Michelle. And so I'm adding to my purchases for myself as well. And who knows who else might be the recipient of this book in my world, because it really again, it resonates with my values and what you're sharing and it resonates with what I believe. And I have worked with children, not many, but I have worked with children and I've really enjoyed that that process and that experience. And because I do believe that, of course, you know, it's about planting seeds for our children. You know, setting them up for success is really important. So, you know, I've often played around with, oh, do I work with this group or this group or this group? And I end up a little bit like yourself, a blend of people from all sorts of walks of life and ages and, you know, very senior leaders to, yes, children. So and I, too, as you reflect some of this back, Michelle, I along my journey of coaching, I, too, have had a number of books in my mind which have been one of them, the one that I mentioned earlier with you, which is based on the Coach Training that Marie and I provide. And I've also had children's books in mind as well for the purpose of what you share around setting them up for success. That's definitely that intention of a book. And I still see the pictures actually in my mind of the book and the sort of the messages that I want to get across, which is a different sort of slant from your own, but connected. And I think that book might come out when I'm much, much older, a few decades, a few decades down. So but it takes but there's a lot of books. There's I mean, they say, don't they? The experts say there's a book in everybody. So from your perspective. How, I mean, and I'm sure there are many people that want to create a book, not everybody, but there are many but don't get like Marie and I still working on it, still playing with it, still sort of putting it not as a high priority. So from your perspective, how did you make that book happen? And maybe it is connected somehow very specifically to your purpose and values. So for the audience that's listening, what can they learn from you? I’m just going to shut the door because I can hear Batman crying out, so keep talking, Michelle.

Michelle: And so, I think what she was saying, having that vision is really important. So I think I've always had that vision in my mind, in my head. So, you know, when we talk about achieving things, it's about being able to see it. So I've always been able to see it. And we are coaches. And I got a book coach actually to help me with the process. She's one of your one of the students, Mohanna. So she's one of the Empower World. So we're all into the power of coaches because we are coaches. So obviously we know about investing in a coach. It helps you achieve things a lot quicker than you would if you weren't, you know, for various reasons. So that was a really helpful process. And also listening to whatever you if you believe in a higher power, if you believe in universal, believe in God, you know, whatever you believe in. I just felt there were nudges just going on because before Corona was just as Corona started. I did have a book. And then obviously everything just changed the world for everyone changed. So for the first three months, it was very much surviving rather than thriving. And then just sort of just noticed from the universe. And it was really like, well, I think it's the right time. And one of those things that I saw was the aspect that Mohanna posted on a Facebook group that I was in when I was in Qatar years ago. I haven't seen a message from that Facebook group for years and years. And low and behold, the message comes up saying, you know, looking for people who are interested in a writing coach. And that's the first message I got from that group in ages. So I did see it as a sign and so went through the process with her. And during that process, this new book evolved, even though we working on the other book, which is going to be coming out in 2021. So, a coach, I mean, we coach the way we believe in the coaches are. We're interested in it. So of course the coach helps because then you've got that designated time every week, the focus, the accountability, the challenge, the stretch, what we know about the process so invest in a coach. You want to achieve something we all know. I mean, I'm speaking to the converted, but if that's the case, it will help you to get on that track. So having a coach and again, believing in the dream, wanting it, putting in the hours of the commitment to doing it and also having support from my husband and my children, because we're all at home, we're all working we’re all doing different commitments. So having the support of those around you, having a team to help you to achieve that. So, I'd say those are the main things, believing, wanting it and put in the work, you know.

Jeanine: Fantastic and brilliant to hear Mohanna was able to support you with this I love the connections. It's brilliant. And as you say, listening to the universe, listening to the signs that are around you and taking up on those opportunities. So, Michelle, with this beautiful new book coming out, what's the name of it, by the way?

Michelle: So, it's called Jake's Joyful Bubbles.

Jeanine: 20:48 Beautiful Jake's Joyful Bubbles by Michelle Arscott. So, with that coming out now, Michelle, what is that giving you?

Michelle: Well, I think it's still a pinch me moment because I do not know how am I going to feel in that physical book is in my hands. I mean, I'm working with the illustrator even today, today is our deadline and printing it out and looking at the feedback and the process and, you know, just having it on a piece of paper because there's something about seeing something on a screen and just even just printing it out and having on a piece of paper and looking at it, I was like, wow, I put it pinned up on my dream board, my vision board, because that's another way as well. That was on my vision board for this year. So just seeing on paper is emotional, so when I physically have that book next week, it's just going to be amazing. And I just think it just shows you that there's no limits. Whatever you want to do, if you set your mind to it. That's what I've learned from just in terms of the past, especially in the last year or so where my coaching has taken me. If you want it and you put your mind to it, I believe you can have it. And there are no limits. And, you know, I'm in Kenya, so let's quote Elliot Choky and he says, you know, we have no limits. You know, and that's so important. We have no limits. So, the sky is as high as you want it to be.

Jeanine: How beautiful, to reflect that back, Michelle. And as you do, I feel inspired. I feel energized. So you're giving me a gift. So thank you for that beautiful gift. I'm feeling inspired about our own book and that other book that I've put aside for decades. Maybe it won't be decades. Maybe it might be a little bit shorter time than that. So thank you so much, Michelle. Before we sign out today, is there anything else that you'd like to share with our audience about purpose, passion, values, dreams and making it happen?

Michelle: 23:12 Just make it happen, because ultimately, we only have one life. And it really, it's not a rehearsal. And that, as we've seen this “work” that I do. It's part of my passion. And I think if you follow your passion, then you actually can be a better person. I mean, I've read quite a lot of research on passion, and it even said, there was some research saying it's just a small study, but it said that people who follow their life, purpose and passion live longer. If you follow it through, you can see that because you're more positive and positivity is so important, being happier. And obviously sometimes illness obviously depends, but sometimes illness can be related to stress and anxiety. So you can see. So it's important on many levels to follow your passion and to achieve your dreams because it has a great knock-on effect for you, but also the people around you. And if we taking the theme with the loving kindness meditation, that can then also pass on to other people as well beyond you and your immediate community.

Jeanine: Yeah, I absolutely feel that ripple effect now. And I'm imagining it right now, just people reading that book and those messages being picked up and sent out into the universe. So thank you so much, Michelle. Thank you for sharing your amazing achievements with us. And you know what's important to be able to support you to make that happen. And I'm trusting that's inspiring others to recognize there are no limits, follow your passion, follow your heart, follow your dreams and go for it. So, thank you.

Michelle: And thank you so much. It's always a delight to connect with you. And I hope that people are feeling inspired. And after they listen to the podcast, put into action those dreams and follow their heart. Thank you.

Jeanine: You're so welcome. Thank you, Michelle. Thank you, listeners. And we look forward to connecting with you again out there in the future. Thank you.


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