Jeanine Bailey and Marie Quigley

Directors and Co-founders of Empower World

Marie:  Hello everyone wherever you are in the world. We are here again and Jeanine and I are together.

Jeanine: Yeah.

Marie: Lovely, not so rare occasion anymore where we're seeing quite a bit of each other. So great to be here.

Jeanine: Yes. I'm so pleased to be here again.

Marie: And just before this podcast recording we were talking about some of the things we've achieved over the time we've been working together. And we were smiling and laughing at the fact that a lot of the things like this podcast we had no idea how to do and we kind of didn't even think how we were going to do it. We just thought we'd try it and see how it worked out. And we were just talking a lot about all decisions we have been making, well let's try it and see: we've said yes when maybe others would have said no, but we just said yes because we were willing to stretch ourselves.

Jeanine: Yeah. Something that came to mind when we were talking about this – I actually felt a great sense of joy - that there are so many things that we have created together and we were listing those different things, like starting the business, different programmes that we've created, various different programmes, and there are things in process that we're doing at the moment as well - and it gave me a great sense of joy. And all of a sudden we realized we didn't think about how, we didn't ask. We would have to an extent, but it wasn't asking in a way that held us back.

Marie: No.

Jeanine: We just decided that let's put it out there and make it happen.

Marie: Yeah. So you said something interesting, that because we did, we put it out there. We sort of had an idea what would it be like if we could create this. So we set the idea out there and of course, then we didn't sit back and do nothing about it. We decided to take action because we loved the idea. So we were in flow with the idea. So of course action was taken. But what we didn't do was think what if it doesn't happen. We were experimental in the fact that we thought what if this does happen - let's play with it and see what we can do if it happens.

Jeanine: Yeah. I guess I realized that this is us, as we are not very structured in terms of creating business plans and having a whole list of ideas.

Marie: Forecasters for the future.

Jeanine: Yeah. Looking at the financials and again forecasts and so forth. That's not how we've worked and how we have worked is that we connect, we brainstorm ideas, ideas just come up and as you say we experiment and we put the intention out there and somehow some way things come into our awareness in terms of, okay let's look at that and let's put that into place. I recall we really wanted to do something like a podcast and an organization came to us and said would you like to do that and so we did.  And now that organization has gone on to other things and we didn't quite align in terms of our focus but we've been able to carry it on - the podcast for example.

Marie: We have, and this is not saying that everything we've done has worked by the way - that we've had lots of failures, lots of things, and we celebrate failures of Empower World, so we're really proud of those failures because when something didn't work, it allowed us to rework it and rethink about it and think: OK so that didn't work, what can we do that's going to really serve our purpose and our community in the work we do. So, I think that's important to recognize too - that there hasn't been success all the way these past years of working together. We have been about exploring, learning, scuffing our knees and redoing things or dumping things that didn't work.

Jeanine: What I love about the work that we've done is that you know it's been a combination of - as you say trying things on - and some of those things have been incredibly successful and some haven't been, and so we've been able to let go of those things that we've tried. And as you say we've learned from them. So at the same time we're still creating something that is incredibly powerful and supportive of both of us and those things that don't work that feeds into that success. And again I don't know about you Marie, but I've had great joy in terms of us coming together and looking at the things that are working well and looking at how we can improve them even better based on the feed that we're getting I'm so excited about our next program that's coming up, so based on everything that we're learning. Everything is a learning opportunity.

Marie: It is, and one of the reasons listeners we wanted to share this with you was because we see not everybody, but some coaches are doing so much planning and worrying about what if it doesn't happen? And what if I invest my time in it? So what if I invest my money in this? And we've done both of those things - success and failure - that they aren't actually doing anything! That they're spending so much time planning, that they aren't creating what they want. So we know it's not everybody's way. We are a little bit quirky, we are a little bit creative, we are not the detailed people. We are the bigger picture and we've got some fantastic people to support us with the detail. So we want to acknowledge those special people that made that happen for us. But initially we were doing it all and failing in some areas. And I'm going back the reason we're doing this podcast is to encourage you to take action, to know what matters and take some action.

Jeanine: Instead of wishing, wondering, hoping, waiting for the perfect opportunity, waiting for the right person at the right moment, and as you said planning instead of actually just taking action and setting an intention and taking action, which may involve some calculated risk. We wouldn't suggest to anyone to risk all that you have, but it may just take a little bit of risk and that a little bit of risk might mean just getting out there and stepping up.

Marie: Yeah. Just before we finish Jeanine I just want to acknowledge the coaches in our network that have done that.

Jeanine: Oh yes.

Marie: And there are a number of them who have just taken the bull by the horns so to speak. Sorry to all the bulls out there, we are animal lovers as my cat is sitting behind beside us but they've just gone out and done it and they're making a difference in the world and they're making a difference to their lives and their family's lives. So a real kudos to all of those coaches who are doing what they love and stepping out and putting themselves in the arena.

Jeanine: Yeah and that makes such a difference - it is that ripple effects and it's ensuring that because we believe that everyone brings gifts. So those that are taking action that are not hiding those beautiful gifts that they have to offer the world are creating the difference that they're meant to make. As we say on our website 'Be the person that you were meant to be to make the difference you are meant to make'.

So Listeners we thank you again for taking something from this and even if it's the smallest step that supports you to move again outside of your comfort zone to make a difference in the world. We trust that will happen.

Be empowered.


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