Jeanine Bailey and Marie Quigley

Directors and Co-founders of Empower World

Marie: Hello everyone. Lovely to be with you again. Hi Jeanine. How are you doing?

Jeanine: I am super well Marie, really well. Very much enjoying being back in Australia. How are you?

Marie: Yes, I'm very well too. It's beautiful weather. Having a relaxing day at the moment. So, it's all good. A little treat to myself today.

Jeanine: Oh excellent. Good to treat ourselves.

Marie: Exactly.  So, what we have been thinking about talking about is how coaches can have an abundance mind-set when potentially it feels like there isn't a lot of work out there. Because we've noticed a few coaches maybe struggling for work, maybe struggling getting clients. We thought it would be interesting to talk about the mind set of abundance to support you to create what it is you want.

Jeanine: Yeah absolutely and it's certainly something that I appreciate that potentially you and I started off our coaching journey along those lines knowing that of course it's a new field that we're going into and there potentially will be some bumps along the way, but I get the sense that we both went out there willing to and wanting to serve the world and serve our clients and get involved in doing all sorts of different things to be able to practice what we've learnt and to attract the clients that we want to work with.

Marie: Yes, I think you're right Jeanine. I know when I started off - actually I knew I was a new coach and I wasn't comparing myself to other coaches but I trusted that I would bring in the right clients into my life who were ready to work with me at that stage of me being a coach. So, I always believed that there was plenty of work available whatever stage I was at.

Jeanine: Yes, and likewise. In fact even before I was ready in my mind I'd already attracted some clients like my amazing husband did a lot of - not a lot of - but he spoke to a number of people where he was working at the time and sharing my story and what I had decided to do when living in Qatar - and that was to travel back to Australia to train as a coach. And that seemed to get quite a few people interested. So, I had people approaching me much earlier than I ever anticipated. And I also recall when I decided that I wanted to do executive coaching and get involved in corporate work -at the time I was working for an organization and I felt as my path way was going to be coaching I wouldn't be staying with this organization for very long, but I did put out there to my manager at the time - I did say to him “you know this is what I'm studying, this is what I'm passionate about and you know I'm wondering if there might be any opportunity to do this work with the organization.” And to my surprise he said yes and literally within three months I found myself working with a client full time embedded as a coach in the team, so it was quite amazing when I look back on it now. So yeah that abundant mind-set I believe was there for a long time.

Marie: Yeah. I love that story. I mean, I think that teaches everybody a lot - that you know there are opportunities out there that we may not even see right now and it's how we are approaching those opportunities that we can't see how we are being in the world that is potentially going to impact what we attract in.

I'm just thinking about a story I heard a while back of a coach and she was doing some workshops to promote her work but also to share with her community what she was learning and so she was giving back a service at the end of the day. The purpose of the workshops was to expand her client base and hopefully get one of one high higher fee-paying clients and potentially also do more workshops. And somebody in the in the workshop - I think it was another coach if I recall - had said something like this ‘you shouldn't be selling your product, you should be just teaching us’ and actually she got a little bit hurt about it, but she quickly recovered and she thought there's nothing wrong with me sharing what I know and expecting some kind of energy to come back from sharing what I know. So that energy was in the form of getting clients and building up the practice. So, she soon realized that her mind-set was giving and she was also receiving back, and at the time, the other coach was very much closed to opening herself up to creating a business for herself. So, there are often two sides coming into things when we're looking at creating an abundance mind-set; are we coming from a place of fear, where there isn't enough and there isn't enough for all of us? Or are we coming from a place of love where we are sharing what we know and we are creating the energy to develop our own practice. Am I making sense here? Or am I going off track?

Jeanine: For me Marie you're making sense and I trust that you're making sense for our listeners as well.

Marie: Actually Jeanine, I also recall as I was a new coach in the market and a more established coach at the time shared with me, because I was new to the market, that I ought to be careful because I was new and there were other coaches that I had to be more mindful of as they were ahead of me. And I thought that was a strange thing to say. It initially caught me off guard and I thought oh my goodness. But then I realized I can't stop doing what I'm doing because I want to create successful other people and therefore in turn, I know that's going to create success for me.

Jeanine: Yeah beautiful. Yes, some people are coming from that place of fear and potentially believe that they're giving you perhaps some wise words but perhaps not when it comes down to it, because of course we always say that to our clients - we believe you have the truth inside you, it's not with us, you have the truth - it's coming from your authentic place in terms of what decide is good for you, good for others and good for the greater good so to speak. And what I love about what we've done together Marie is that we have created a successful business in Qatar and there's obviously been a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

Marie: A lot of, a lot more than people realize. I would imagine.

Jeanine: Yes, and you know potentially for me I recall working many days in a row and loving what I do thankfully to support our business and part of our business is - yes it's about supporting ourselves - you know my husband at the moment hasn't worked for some time as he's been going through a change of career options - and in amongst all of that though, we still give to our community and beyond, free of charge, and it comes from a place of love. It comes from a place of wanting to support our community and beyond. And that's something we actually do - that I feel very passionate about. As you know that giving back it is a core value of mine to do that and I appreciate that is coming back in a different ways to us and in all sorts of different forms of energy - you know even just getting a hug from one of our coach participants and getting some lovely feedback is one of those ways of paying back -knowing that we're on track and on purpose.

Marie: Absolutely giving back is, because we receive, we also want to share that in the form of resources gifts and experiences with us. We do this with organizations, we do this with people that come on our program. We extend our support through offering Q&A's on a on a regular basis for our coaches who've gone through the training, those never ending those Q & A's because we both believe in making sure that it's just not a once off experience with us, that it is something that you can continue to learn and grow with us.

Jeanine: No matter how qualified you are.

Marie: Yeah.

Jeanine: It's an open invitation and of course recording these podcasts, blogs and as you mentioned, there are those workshops that we do sometime. Even training here and there, not very often, but certainly workshops. So, it's all part of that giving back that we love to do.

Marie: And I think that links in with the abundance mind-set because when we have them, we love them, we give them, we receive; it's all linked together and yes, the world is a wonderful place when you come from that place of reciprocity (we struggle to say that word. Have I said it correctly?). When it's like that, then it feels like we're on the right vibration.

Jeanine: Yes. And I'm glad you challenge yourself to say that word (reciprocity).

Marie: Can you say?

Jeanine: I'm not going to even try. But I absolutely believe in it. I absolutely believe in that beautiful law as I believe we are and I am living it.

Marie: Wonderful Jeanine anything else to share say or experience for all listeners before we close our household today.

Jeanine: Yes, I would just say to our listeners, perhaps get curious about your intentions, your mind-set about everything that you do. Is it coming from a place of fear or a place of love? Is it coming from a place of abundance or a place of lack and once you investigate and look underneath what's the motivation, what's driving yourself, is then I guess either perhaps looking at how to change that mind-set and those behaviours, or give yourself a great big pat on the back and let the world open up even more for you. Even more and for those that are perhaps struggling with this as well, I trust that people have that opportunity to really live this law of abundance mind-set and giving back and opening up worlds.

Marie: Absolutely. And I'd just like to add that there is enough for all of us in this world. There is a place for all of us to do our beautiful work and when we realize that, then we don’t have to be in competition with anybody, we can just really step into fully being who we truly are, whether that's in the form of an individual coach or creating a coaching business. Whatever you want it to be or something else. That belief that there is enough, really serves me well in looking at what I want to do.

Jeanine: Yes, and something that came up for me as you were speaking Marie was partnerships; when that mind-set and that approach and that place of love is what might be motivating and driving you, it just then opens up a world of potential partnerships that are again good for you. Good for others and beyond.

Marie: Wonderful so let's keep that mind-set going as we move into your evening and my rest of the afternoon. And I wish you a wonderful day.

Jeanine: Yes, you indeed and all of our listeners have an amazing day and an amazing week ahead. All the very best until the next time.


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