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Jeanine: Hello and welcome to another episode of the Empower World Coaching and Leadership podcast, and you're here with Jeanine Bailey right now as Marie is not here as she is committed to other things today. And what I have instead is the amazing Nadim Bitar. So Nadim, you are my, I'm so, I'm so grateful that you are my very special guest today supporting us with this podcast, which is all around love, the conversations, coaching conversations around love. We haven't decided on a particular topic. We just thought we would show up and talk about love in coaching. And this was really based on a magnificent webinar that you joined us for last week webinar last week in terms of the Empower World Alumni webinar series. So, I am both Marie and I are very grateful for you joining us and sharing your learning, your awareness about love in coaching. So, it was such a beautiful and powerful session Nadim I really well, I've been wanting you to come onto this podcast for a long time to share your insights, your wisdom with our listeners. So, welcome the Nadim. I'm going to hand the microphone over to you to share with our guests a little bit about you and your background.

Nadim: Thank you, Jeanine, and thank you for that selection. And thank you for giving me that opportunity to another time to be with you after the workshop and be again with you has made me so happy to be here again and discussing and conversing about love, which is one of the greatest conversations of our time, I believe. Yeah. Honestly, you know, it's like before we started the podcast and just the moment before we started to be live, there's something say now we have to be something else than you were just before. And what's funny is like. How can it be so much? How can you be really authentic? The question that comes to mind, how can you be really authentic? You know, how can we be just before we're talking, before turning on the podcast right now? How can this authenticity be reflected in our lives all the time? How can be? And this is what came to my mind. I mean, honestly, when you were speaking, it's like we're switching off from on to off, from off to on. And there's something within us that says I have to show up differently now. Is that true? I mean, yeah, and I love to bring this conversation because this was going on in my mind right now. So, I don't know where to go from here, Jeanine, Shall I introduce myself?

Jeanine: If you could, to say a little bit more about yourself. And you know, I really appreciate that you are being transparent and open and honest about what's coming up for you right now in terms of that question that has arisen, which is a really powerful question. And I'm sure that our listeners are also appreciating that that is potentially a question they ask themselves, depending on the different situations and circumstances they go into. So, maybe if you could give our listeners just a little bit of background about yourself and I mean, one of the reasons you're here is because I've had the again, the pleasure of supporting you to become a coach. You've done our training, the Empower World training and so much more, the advanced coach training. And I also really appreciate your never-ending journey of continuous expansion and growth and inquiry, particularly into love. I really appreciate that about you. And the other piece that I really appreciate about you is, you know, your background, where you where you came from before you became a credentialed coach. I love the meeting of those two things those two, parts of you. And of course, there are many more parts that I recognize the three are these two parts of you that are quite different and. It's kind of come together or it has come together to really explore love. And in this particular podcast, Love in Coaching, so I will hand it back to you. Thank you, Nadim.

Nadim: But what's coming up now, Jeanine is like, you know, I'm an engineer by profession. I'm an engineer. I've been doing engineering for the last 25 years, so it's very important when you are working in engineering to be prepared. Otherwise, if you're not preparing, you're making calculation properly, you're not doing everything the right way, the proper way, then the building can fall or something can happen. It's very scary. You don't want that to happen. And the transition for me to move into coaching was challenging because it's different two different worlds, you know? And what I saw and recently, why I one of the reasons that I said yes to this kind of podcast. And one of the reasons that I have my podcast is really to start to be able to live spontaneously. And to let go this, to let go the need to be prepared. You know, let go of the need to be prepared and the affirmation that I'm living with all the time in my mind, you know, I create these affirmations that I'm not yet there because of my engineering and fears of the need to be prepared. But there are issues that I embody my life and my coaching in my work. As a matter of fact, when I'm meeting a mid-conversation as it goes like that, like I am, spontaneously living and enthusiastically expressing my love with the world. So, this is my affirmations that keep it for myself, too, because this is what I need the most, but not to be least prepared and this is what I love. This kind of podcast is where you are coming and we are, we have no agenda. We are here together and whatever comes, it's beautiful. And this is what this one of this, one of the things that really make me enjoy the conversation and this what I believe it's hard for conversation as a matter of fact, because when we are prepared, we're not anymore speaking from our heart. You know, we are more allowing the filter of my filter of our thoughts, our past to be expressed, and we are not allowing this potentially to come in. And that's why I feel to be spontaneous as one of the biggest quality of love. That really can. And that's what in the coaching. Exactly one of the main things that we learn that when we're going to show up for our client is to not have any agenda, obviously, and not to be judgmental or prepared for anything. And actually, the more you prepare, the more you're preparing for your training session, actually. This is what I’ve learned. So, and this and this, I had to learn that as I was going through coaching and to when I'm meeting people, when you want to really listen to people, also, you have to be not prepared, you have to be spontaneously ready for them. And this is, I believe this is the biggest quality of the heart, spontaneity.

Jeanine: Hmm. Yeah. I love how you share that, Nadim, that spontaneity of the heart. And you know, one of the things that and it resonates with what you were sharing as well in the podcast, you were sharing the principles. I think it was the principles of love-based coaching or love itself and how we can trance what's the word I'm looking for? Transform that into a way of coaching, you know how we can be and show up as coaches with this expression of love. And it really struck me how those principles were really reflected in the coaching principles that we also embody when we're really purely coaching, when we're really embodying the core competencies of coaching, when we're being really present, when we're really listening deeply, when we have no agenda, when we are listening so deeply to what is showing up in the conversation and then getting curious and asking those questions to support whatever the inquiry is that's coming up from a place of love. There were so many similarities that I heard, which was incredible and reaffirming that I'm in the right place doing the right thing. So, and I noticed that you’re swallowing right now, Nadim. So, I'm guessing there's something to something emerging.

Nadim: Yeah, I'm so excited that it what I have to do because it's exactly, you know, I was a while I was doing to the self-centered coaching journey, I was just noticing like when you. What we learn in coaching, just like first, you have a responsibility, of course, is to know that our clients are resourceful, whole Complete. So basically, what you're trying to say here to see the loving essence of our client. And when we are trying to listen, being present, drop our judgment and actually listen to them, we are trying to listen with our heart-to-heart listening. And when we are seeing our client as being capable are being capable to find their own solution, we are seeing with the heart center lights. So, it's all about that, but we maybe we as a coach, we don't use that word, even though that word is already there, it's being aware about this loving presence that is with us that can reinforce us and strengthen us and make us more feel that we are the presence of love so we can elevate our level of coaching and elevate ourselves to know that we are here at a higher mission. Elevated mission, not only serving from the low place we are coming from a high place and it gives us a sense of uplifting and that's when you are into that love. 

Jeanine: I feel myself; I actually feel myself lifting up as you share Nadim. Yeah, and you're, you know, I can feel I can sense your energy around this again, this beautiful topic of that loving presence being a part of coaching. So, say more about that loving presence, Nadim. I feel there's so much, about that those two beautiful words that will be supportive to our listeners as to what that means for you. 

Nadim: Yeah, I believe after working, after having a lot of reflection and deepening on my purpose, I had one of the coaching sessions with you. Actually, I have to acknowledge that for you. Maybe I never did. What does? How do I know that if my coaching session is successful? And I was reflecting that with you and I was looking too much at the outcome of what was going to happen with our client and what to going to happen to the result that I'm going to get with my coaching session? And all of a sudden, while you were coaching. I just had the big realization that the moment when I'm truly present, I know that a coaching session is successful. It's the moment I know that I am the presence of love, that I know that everything would go just perfectly because you were truly present for your client. And it's like at that time this was a long time ago before 3 4 years ago when you were coaching me. And with that, realization, I just became much more anchored into my coaching practice because for me, the most important thing is to be this presence and not to look for an outcome from our clients or from others. But as long as we are here and the big affirmation that I always say to myself, I shared also the workshop is to say I'm not here to transform my client off, to change them or to heal them. As a matter of fact, I'm here just to be the presence of love for them, and I trust the full presence this presence of love, love will do the work can support them and help them and transform them. And that you know when we know very well, as, coach, when we are really, truly present or not, we know it like you, you thought that you know what, if you are dancing with a client, we know it. If we are mirroring the client, we know it very well. And that moment, if we know it and we sense it, then we know that our coaching session is successful. We don't need to look more than that because we are being this loving presence. And when you bring this into a loving context, then you know, you are already successful. Because you are being loving. And then what's my purpose in coaching is to be that presence of love? Then what's going to be my purpose in life? As a matter of fact, it's going to be that presence of love as well. Because I'm always successful and I achieved all my success because this all matters after afterward for me. 

Jeanine: Wow, Nadim beautifully, shared and am trusting, inspiring our leaders to all coaches and leaders to recognize that it is within us to be able to step into that loving presence, and when we're there, we are also supporting our clients to connect to their loving presence as well, to really tap into that wisdom as you shared the Nadim. And again, really reinforced something that I truly believe in, that when we do step into those principles of coaching that we trust, our client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole. And that really is stepping into our loving presence and trusting our client. It is such a powerful gift that we can give our clients we are sending and we're in that presence. I truly believe that we're sending unconsciously consciously to our clients that they have the answers inside. And I know when, that presence and that space is created for our clients to find their answers, it is so, powerful. So, I really appreciate you reflecting that back that reaffirmation of what is powerful when we're in coaching to focus on the person that we're in front of in terms of their self-belief, their emotions, what's really, truly important to them versus, as you say, the outcomes and the outcomes will come when we support someone at that level to create their success. And again, you are a beautiful role model of that, you know, having your successful engineering business, you’re engineering and construction business, combining the two roles of managing, leading that as well as your coaching practice and doing again, amazing things. Amazing things. So, I'm just noticing the time Nadim. So, we're getting close to wrapping up. What would be your key pieces of wisdom that you would share with the listeners, the coaches, the leaders, potentially people considering coaching? What would you share with them to support them to embrace that loving presence? 

Nadim: You know, it just. It's you know, it's for me. As the way I see it, that we are always. Love is always here. It's us that you are not here. It's not our lack of awareness about its presence. It's not here we go and come. But love is always centered here. So just bring more by bringing in this more awareness about this loving essence that we are before to. It will help us really to start building, to start seeing the loving essence of our client and. Bringing that awareness to our self-first. Then will help us and support us to really see it in everybody else. It's a matter of fact because it is always there. And there no the hard work is really not to reach it, but the hard work is to take out the cloud that doesn't allow us what's blocking us from seeing. 

Jeanine: Yeah, I love that wisdom that you've provided, and it's again, it's a really great reminder that is it is always here. That loving presence is always here and it's ourselves that take us away from that loving presence. Yes. So, it's potentially asking ourselves questions to bring us back to that loving presence, what am I making up about whatever's happened, what stories am I making up or what judgments am I bringing in that takes me away from that loving presence?

Nadim: Yeah. Each one of us will do it, will get away from love in a different way. You know, if what if one of us will disappear from or disappear or get away from love in a different way? Some of us want to try to impress, some of us want to doubt ourselves and all of us. You know, we have to find it for ourselves how we are getting away from that. This. I want to make sure that people will see me successful, you know? Then here comes the awareness of the courts to start realizing you sense what's really putting me away from that center. And again to center ourselves.

Jeanine: Yeah. And I guess it's also being aware that we will always drift away from that loving presence and that is where the growth is. That is where the learning is. That's where the insights are to bring us back to a loving presence and also reaffirm what's truly important that's what I'm potentially reading here.

Nadim: Yes, we are always going to drift. But the role of the coach is to see how fast is going to shift back.

Jeanine: The role of the coach is to support clients to come back in their own time, but potentially speed up that time to be in that loving presence as much as possible.

Nadim: Yes, it's as long as we are aware that we want to shift as we as long as we are committed to that shift, it's already great. So, we are aware that we are drifting and we want to shift back, so we are committed to go back to the center for us and for our time. So, it's like it is not believing that it's impossible or it's possible without believing that it's here already just because we are. And we have to shift back.

Jeanine: And I really like how you came in there it is. It is absolutely important that. It's what the client wants. To come back. Yeah, it's working with them, if that's what they want and are ready to come into that presence.

Nadim: Absolutely, it's always what the clients want, because we are where. If we're not if we have our own agenda, we are ready or not, we have already come prepared. So, we are preparing again as we would like. We started this workshop. The most important things to be spontaneous to what's going to arise from our time. So, we have no agenda for long. This is Yeah.

Jeanine: Yeah. Thank you, Nadim. Thank you so much for bringing your loving presence here today, and I really appreciate your presence, your acknowledgement as well. I absolutely appreciate working with you. And as I mentioned to you, I learned so much from working with you in all the different ways that we have done. And it's just such a huge pleasure to have you a loving presence here and sharing with our listeners your beautiful insights, your wise insights and thank you for the impromptu conversation in terms of having no agenda, just seeing to seeing what shows up, seeing what comes up into the conversation. So. Thank you.

Nadim: Thank you so much. What I loved, what I called impromptu conversation I caused them when we let our heart play, play of the heart. That's why I love this kind of conversation. So it goes, we follow.

Jeanine: Yes, I'm going to pinch that word to all those words as well. Play of the heart. It's beautiful.

Nadim: Actually, this is the name of my podcast, I call it let the heart paly. 

Jeanine: Oh, brilliant, brilliant. 

Nadim: So, let's play. It's OK. 

Jeanine: It is OK, isn't it? Hmm. Thank you, Nadim, and thank you, listeners. If you have feedback for us Empower World or Nadim, please let us know either through our social media channels or you can send an email to support and And if you'd like to find out more about the Nadim, where can people find you?

Nadim: Oh, I have my my website and my my Facebook page, and Instagram. 

Jeanine: Fantastic. So, Nadeem is out there and available to connect with, if you would like to do that and if you do, I trust that you will gain so much information, wisdom, insights and love from the amazing Nadim. So, thank you again. And I hope you will join us again sometime soon, Nadim.

Nadim: Thank you. Thank you, thank you so much. Thank you for that occasion. Thank you for creating the space station.

Jeanine: My pleasure. My absolute pleasure.


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