ICF Approved Diamond Advanced Coaching Skills Programme

This programme is approved by the ICF for CEU units

Programme Overview

  • Would you like to strengthen your coach mastery skills to take your clients on a deep transformational journey?
  • Do you want to attract new clients who willingly invest in you because of the transformational changes  and value you create?
  • And are you ready to enrich  your life and gain CEU's for ICF renewal credential purposes?

Imagine living a life on purpose, doing what you love, making a difference in people's lives and being richly rewarded on many levels: emotionally, spiritually, energetically, financially and much more.

Empower World's Diamond Advanced Coaching Skills Programme is developed to support you to deepen your coaching skills, knowledge and experience. If you're ready to add incredible and rich value to your coaching practice, then this training is for you.
In the programme, you will go to the next deeper and transformational level in your coaching concern by experiencing and practicing what you learn and getting immediate feedback on your coaching to support your journey into coach mastery.
This enriched programme covers the following:
  • Neuroscience of coaching

  • Emotional intelligence in coaching and leadership

  • Coaching emotions

  • Physiology in your coaching practice

  • Purpose and values: personal and corporate 

  • Facilitation and coaching skills for groups

  • And much more!

ICF Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

ICF Approved Diamond Advanced Coaching Skills Training has been approved by the ICF for 64 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) which can be used for ICF accreditation and renewal purposes. 

To renew your ICF credentials, the ICF requires you participate in at least 40 hours of Continuing Coach Education (CCEUs) completed in the three years since the initial award of your credential or since your last credential renewal.


What participants are saying

Nadim Bitar shares how investing in himself by attending the Diamonds Programme has supported him to grow as a coach and as a person.


What you will learn

The learning outcomes of each day of the Diamonds Programme are below. You can choose to attend 1 or 2 or 5 or 8 days - any combination of days that suits your training requirements.

Day 1 Learning

1. Definition of Coaching at Deeper, Advanced Level: What coaching is at PCC and MCC level from an ICF markers perspective.

2. Review ICF 11 Core Competencies: Reviewing and practice coaching competencies at PCC and MCC level including demonstrations and practice with feedback.

3. Somatic Coaching: Exploration of utilising physiology in coaching - incorporating mind, body, soul connections to support powerful awareness and decisions moving forward. This includes demonstrations, practice and feedback.

Day 2 Learning

1. Coaching Emotions: Understanding emotional intelligence in self-leadership and mastery as well as leadership of others. This includes learning approaches, processes to work with emotions as well as understanding the ICF perspective of working with emotions in coaching conversations. We also explore vulnerability and courage and managing emotions as a coach.

2. Exploring Limiting Beliefs & Empowering Beliefs: This includes advanced, creative techniques of supporting clients to turn their limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs. This includes ‘taming the saboteur’ and defining moments demonstrations and practice together with feedback.

Day 3 Learning

Neuroscience of Coaching: Understanding the science (what happens in the body and mind) behind conversations to support sustainable and effective change: what shuts people down and what opens them up from a biological perspective. This includes building trust, conversational agility, opening up hearts and minds through verbal and non-verbal communication. We share powerful models to support awareness of how we work as human beings which can be utilised in coaching conversations.

Day 4 Learning

Group Coaching & Facilitation: Understanding how to coach and facilitate groups. This includes how to manage your time, different styles of communication, challenging questions; structuring your message; and designing activities to ensure experiential learning. And importantly, how to manage yourself and your mindset is also covered.

Days 5 & 6

Purpose and Values: Personal and Corporate - where you will experience as well as practice the learnings. This is for 2 days of the programme. Purpose and values are what we make our life decisions by and if we aren't clear about these, we are 'rudderless' in our decision making and our life. In fact, if we are not happy with our life experiences, we are potentially making decisions according to someone else's values. For example, our parents' or culture's values. By becoming clear about what brings us to life and what energises us (our purpose and values), we can create a fulfilling and truly amazing life. And as coaches, we can support our clients to do the same.

Day 7

Setting up your practice for success:  This includes your mindset for success, how to structure your practice and your sessions, and how to win clients with an authentic coaching conversation which potentially means the clients sells your coaching programme to themselves as the client taps into what is truly important for themselves.

Day 8

Executive Coaching: Set-up and business/coaching practice working with corporates. This covers understanding of the do's and don'ts working with corporate clients and how to structure your practice - habits, sales conversations, measuring success as well as the provision of a corporate coaching toolkit.


Programme Information

This programme has been designed to be flexible to meet your training needs, giving the option to attend all 8 days, or sign up for any number of  specific days between 1 and 7 days.


Days 1 to 4: September 5- 8, 2018

Days 5 to 8: September 21-24, 2018

Timing: 9:00am to 4:30pm   


Those who completed all 4 days in June are eligible to complete the remaining 4 days for the same introductory investment value as offered in June.

For those new to the Diamonds Programme, the offering is as follows:

Early Bird Investment Value
14,500QAR (if payment made by August 29, 2018)

Standard Investment Value 

Per Day Investment Value



Coaches are required to have completed a foundational ICF approved coach training. 


Registration Form

Register for the programme today. Questions and comments can be sent to[email protected].