Diamond Workshop Series

Advanced Skills for Coaches

Empower World offers a series of advanced coaching skills workshops for coaches to support their clients as effectively and successfully as possible. The workshops are focused on your own personal mindset as well as imparting skills, techniques and processes to assist you to be the best coach you can be. Some of these workshops also are eligible for ICF CEU's.

Calendar of Upcoming Workshops

Become a Group Coach and Facilitator

Understanding Personality Energies & Communication Styles to Build Effective Partnerships (based on Extended DISC)

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Become a Group Coach and Facilitator 


Are you a coach who wants to…

  • Facilitate groups effectively and powerfully?
  • Make a difference on a larger scale?
  • Gain rock solid confidence in working with small to large groups?

If you answered yes, then this workshop is designed for you.


In this workshop, you will learn how to:
  • Build trust and rapport with your audience
  • Setup an agreement frame with your audience which provides the foundation of your workshop
  • Craft a framework for both general facilitation and a group coaching exercise
  • Set-up the room and use it effectively
  • Manage participation in the room
  • Wrap up and achieve the outcomes you want
  • And much more


Workshop details:

Date & Time: TBC.

Audience: This training is an advanced skills workshop for coaches.

Location: Doha, Qatar, TBD

Understanding Personality Energies & Communication Styles to Build Effective Partnerships 

Based on Extended DISC

  • Do you find it frustrating when you are not being understood or you don’t understand others?
  • Are you finding it difficult to connect with some people who you want to create relationships with?
  • Do you find yourself being torn in different directions, unable to make confident decisions and don’t know why?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you.

In this workshop you will learn:
  • The four main styles of energy in the world

  • Your own personality/energy preferences and communication style

  • The energy and communication styles different from your own

  • What inspires you and what demotivates you

  • How to build trust, rapport and connection with styles different from your own

  • The next steps to enhancing into your preferred energy styles even more in a positive and powerful way

  • The next steps to overcoming the challenges you may be experiencing

BONUS: All participants receive their own Extended DISC Report.

You will receive your own personalised comprehensive Extended DISC report that will highlight your overall style as well as:

  • Attributes, strengths, motivators and de-motivators, decision making and communication style, causes of stress, what’s important to you, ideal job tasks/descriptions/manager/environment

  • Tips and clues as to how to develop your strengths and mitigate challenging situations

  • And so much more


Workshop details:

Date & Time: TBC

Audience: This training is an advanced skills workshop for coaches.

Location: Doha, Qatar, TBC

Unlock Your Clients Highest Values for Life Changing Coaching

  • Are you having trouble getting to the heart of your client’s story but don’t know how to access it?
  • Do you want a series of advanced techniques that support you to uncover your client’s real values and beliefs, rather than the values and beliefs they’ve picked up from society or from other people?
  • Do you want to be fully prepared and confident to dive deep into values just when the coaching conversations get sensitive or difficult?

We believe ‘values’ are the heart of where a client transforms their life to become the best versions of themselves and live a life fulfilled!

Imagine coaching a client and being able to identify the timing to dive into a deep conversation on their values and beliefs following a structured and yet flexible coaching conversation exploring the things that matter most.

Visualize being able to easily get to the heart of your client’s values so they feel empowered and free from the values and expectations may have learned from others such as society, teachers, family etc but may not be authentically their own.

And imagine the client connecting to their values and their life’s goals aligned with what is truly import to them so they make clear, purposeful and courageous decisions to move forward in a powerful and fulfilling way.

In this workshop you will:
  • Participate in exercise to uncover their own highest values,
  • Learn and practice advanced strategies and tools to rapidly uncover your own and your client’s top 3 to 5 core values,
  • Learn and practice how to support client’s overcome challenges – the things that have been holding them back – and make clear decisions to support their authentic values, goals and dreams,
  • Discover how our highest conscious values, aligned with clear decision-making, inspires and creates personal freedom,
  • Understand the art and science behind the values work,
  • Understand a coaching structure to support clients to choose their highest conscious values by which they can make future decisions easily and effortlessly (in alignment with their highest conscious values), which forms the basis of a 10 to 12 hour coaching package,
  • Learn how to make decisions in any part of their life with confidence because it aligns with what is most important to them,
  • Learn how to ensure values are aligned with what the client truly wants versus what they fear in their life.

This workshop is highly experiential and is one of our most popular workshops in the Diamond Coaching Series. You will experience a structured process to discover our highest conscious values and recognise blocks and coaching opportunities to ‘bust’ the limiting beliefs to support self and the client to recognise authentic values which inspire and energise.

Coaches will get the opportunity to practice these techniques so they are confident to apply the approaches with their clients which go deep to support your client move powerfully forward.

At the end of the workshop, you will walk away knowing how our highest conscious values allow us to make decisions aligned with them, and how it will energise, inspire and create personal freedom in our lives.

The values process will not only serve you and your clients to a much greater depth – to ensure life is lived fully and courageously – it will increase your value enormously as a coach.


Workshop Details:

Date & Time: Next dates TBC.

Audience: This training is an advanced skills workshop for coaches.

Investment: 800 QAR Early Bird, 900 QAR Regular Rate

Location: TBC

Unlock Your Clients Highest Purpose to Create an Inspired Life

Are your clients:

  • Feeling confused or lost with what they want in life?
  • Unable to make decisions easily or change their mind often?
  • Feeling overwhelmed trying to do too much?

Imagine having the advanced skills to support your client to cut through the confusion and uncertainty faster to reveal their deepest, truest purpose in life.

Envisage yourself confidently supporting your clients to make clear, confident decisions on their goals and what they truly want.

And imagine being able to rapidly support your clients become explicitly clear about their ‘why’ and where clients make real, purposeful decisions that impacts their whole life.

We believe having a clear and inspiring ‘purpose’ is at the heart of a client’s transformation so they can create their compelling life.


In this workshop you will:

  • Experience and practice a variety of exercises aimed to rapidly uncover your own and your client’s purpose and aligned goals,
  • Learn new strategies to support you and your clients make clear, effective decisions that propel you/them forward in life,
  • Support a coaching practice whose reputation is to drive real, effective, powerful results with the power of purpose.

In this highly interactive and experiential workshop, you will learn, practice and experience techniques focusing on purpose and decision-making relating to your/their ‘why.’

Additionally, you will learn how to incorporate these new techniques into your coaching practice and learn what to do when a client (or you as the coach) gets “stuck”.

With these advanced skills in your tool kit, your confidence and coaching sessions, practice and capacity as a coach will begin to flourish.


Workshop Details:

Date & Time: Next dates TBC.

Audience: This training is an advanced skills workshop for coaches.

Investment: 500 QAR Early Bird, 700 QAR Regular Rat

Location: TBC

Emotional Intelligence: Our Compass to Empowering Breakthroughs and Decision Making

Do you or your clients:

  • Find yourself trapped in a disempowering emotional loop unable to move forward?
  • Make emotion-based decisions that are not be empowering or good for self and others?
  • Feel lost, unable to master the emotions that show up to uncover the wisdom underneath, or know how continue to experience the emotions wanted consistently as possible?

Imagine experiencing and taking your coaching clients through advanced approaches to create breakthrough moments which allow you/your client to move past repeated emotions.

And just imagine you and your clients experiencing a series of advanced techniques which uncovers the wisdom and learning underneath the emotions from another perspective, facilitating different, powerful choices to create the emotions truly desired.

And vision yourself being able to confidently support your client to move through negative or harmful emotions to a place of greater wisdom, clarity, focus and peace.

At Empower World, we believe understanding our own emotions and supporting our clients to understand their emotions at a deep level is at the heart of coaching transformations.

When we as human beings heal and turns hurtful or destructive emotions into positive, high-energy emotions, we know we are free to become the best versions of ourselves.


In this workshop, you will:

  • Be trained on how emotions are like an internal compass and how to uncover whether a client is on or off track with their life choices, experiences, purpose and values
  • Learn advanced skills to identify the hidden code behind the client’s emotions and challenges and know how to quickly support them move forward
  • Learn the strategies, tools and techniques on how to use emotions to inform their decision-making process

This two-day workshop is geared for coaches who are ready to get results faster through the power of emotions. It is for coaches who seek to learn and implement a variety of practical processes and techniques to support the growth of their clients emotional intelligence and wellbeing.

By learning how to read and utilize this personal guidance system that everyone has, you will have the opportunity to create a life you truly want to experience and coach others to do to the same.


Workshop Details:

Date & Time: Next dates TBC.

Audience: This training is an advanced skills workshop for coaches.

Investment: 800 QAR Early Bird, 900 QAR General Rate

Location: TBC

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