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Taking Responsibility

Do you find yourself blaming others when things don’t go your way?

Do you feel there are circumstances in your life that are beyond your control, and this contributes to a less-than-perfect life?

Are you letting things happen to you instead of taking charge of the way your life unfolds?


When You Spot It, You’ve Got It

Do you find yourself judging other people for displaying behavior and/or emotions you don’t like? Or do you admire and maybe even envy greatness in some and wish you could emulate them?

Now, what if you knew the very traits we see in others are the ones we possess ourselves? And if we recognise this, how then can we harness this understanding to help us live our best life?


Creating an Abundant Mindset

Are you a coach or helping professional who is struggling with sales in your business?

Do you lack confidence when charging your clients?

Do you find yourself ‘staying small’ with rates or giving away some of your services for free - even though you really want to charge?


Accepting What is - Enabling You to Feel Empowered

Do you find you struggle accepting some of the challenges or situations you are facing in your life?

Do you find yourself blaming others for what has happened?

Do you feel resentful, angry, frustrated or alone in your challenge?


The Power of Physiology

Do you wonder how you can be more impactful and increase your confidence as a coach?

Would you like to support your clients to understand themselves better, take charge and increase their own levels of confidence?

And would you like to improve your own and your client's level of communication in all life areas?


Powerful Goal Setting to Support Transformational Change

Setting goals at the end of a coaching session is a key component of the coaching conversation to support clients to make the transformational changes they desire.

We say at Empower World, it is one thing to be more aware and know information (creating conscious awareness is 95% of the journey of change according to the experts), but it is another thing to actually take action as a result of new awareness to create desired change.


3 Strategies To Utilise When Facing Difficult Challenges

Have you and or your clients experienced challenges in your life that sometimes feel incredibly overwhelming?

Do you find you or your clients freeze with fear when unexpected circumstances appear? Or maybe go into rage, blaming others or outside circumstances for your not so great experiences?

Or do you or your clients find yourself spiraling into negative emotions and play the victim, sinking into negativity?


6 Ways to Turn Judgment into Compassion

Do you find yourself moving into judgment quickly and easily when working with your clients or team, which can have an adverse impact on your results?

Do you sometimes think they are off the track with their decisions and actions and find you want to give them advice?

Do you find some time you are judging yourself: stopping you from being the best coach you can be?


The Invaluable Value of Living our Top Authentic Values

Are you feeling conflicted about making certain decisions, finding yourself being pulled in different directions?

Or do you feel lost, unhappy or frustrated with the way your life or your work or your relationships are working out?

Or do you find you are unable to make decisions easily with confidence?


The Purpose of Purpose: Why We Do What We Do

Do you sometimes feel you are drifting along the winds and tides of life going nowhere? 

Do you find it difficult to make decisions – pulled in different directions?

Do you think something is missing in your life, or do you know what is missing but don’t know how to ascertain it?


5 Tips to Embracing and Loving Your Imperfectly Perfect Life!

Do you struggle with perfectionism?

Whether it be the attempts you make to be precise or expecting others to be perfect in every way?

Are there people in your life, who can’t live up to your expectations, who are driving you mad?


An Incredible Coaching Success Story Built on Diversity

Do you find your struggles in life often come from judging yourself and/or others?

As a coach, do you find your clients struggling with comparing themselves to others, or perhaps struggling to fit in?

Or maybe your clients feeling their identity is threatened by perceived differences of others.


Trusting Your Client No Matter How Tough the Challenge Is

When your client is facing challenges in their life and expressing their discomfort or pain, as their coach do you feel yourself wanting to rescue them out of their pain? Find yourselves searching for solutions so that they move quickly out of their challenge? Find yourself letting go of your coaching skills, and instead giving advice or leading them towards your solution?


Become an Irresistible Magnet for your Clients

Are you struggling to attract new business and wondering how you can become a magnet to new clients?

Do you want to scale up your coaching business to support more people but don’t know how?

And when the business grows, do you want balance in your life?


Building A High Performance Organisational Coaching Culture

Do you as a coach or a leader who coaches want to bring a coaching culture into your organisation? Do you want to support people at all levels to grow professionally so they can have a powerful impact on their teams and the organisation? 


Michelle Arscott Reveals Her Typical Day as A Professional Coach

Empower World Associate and Professional Coach, Michelle Arscott, reveals what a typical day as a professional coach looks like (and why it’s amazing), the best part of being a coach and gives advice on the importance of being confident.


6 Simple Steps To Finding Your Niche

Are you wondering as a coach – or as anyone who wants to provide a service – how do I find my own niche or area of specialism? How do I stand out from the crowd? And how can I coach within the work and field I love?


Reflecting to Learn and Grow

Happy New Year everyone! May 2017 be filled with love joy and fulfillment for everyone of us. Thank you to all of you for connecting with us during 2016, whether it be by listening to the Coaching and Leadership podcast, attending our trainings, taking our coaching programmes or otherwise. And thank you for making the difference you do in whatever shape or form you do.


Imperfection is Perfection

Do you have incredibly high standards for yourself and do they stop you from creating the life, work and relationships you truly want?

Do you find yourself feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or afraid of the pressure you put on yourself?

Do you find yourself constantly preparing, planning and reworking projects believing what you offer is never good enough?


Moving from Shame to Worthiness

Do you sometimes find yourself speaking about who you are fundamentally in a negative demeaning way? Or do you find your clients talking about themselves in an unresourceful and uncaring way? And when you hear this negative self speak, do you recognise that you and/or your clients put up shields to protect yourself or themselves and respond by either fighting, fleeing or freezing?


Using Our Intuition Powerfully and Intuitively!

Would you like to use your intuition in your coaching practice, but not sure how? Would you like to support your clients to tap into their own internal voice and pay attention to the myriad of possibilities open to them to widen their perspective?


Creating Resilience in Changing Times

Why are some people able to embrace the challenges of life, while others choose to get lost in the emotions of anger frustration, blame and resentment?


Supporting Our Clients at the Five Levels of the Human Experience

Are you supporting your clients to make deep transformational change? Do you want to be in a mindful place enabling you to support them to the best of your ability? Do you want to quickly build rapport and create partnerships with a deep level of trust and connection?


Being Present in Your Life

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and stressed out supporting others in your coaching practice? Do you notice your clients also have difficulty being present in their own lives? Would you like to instill a practice of paying attention to what your mind body and soul is telling you?


What Would it be Like to Live a Brave Life?

Would you love to make changes in your life or career that you believe would lead to more happiness? Do you have a dream that you would love to make a reality? Would you like to make choices that are aligned with what matters most to you?


What Can Attending a Professional Coach and Leadership Training Do for You?

Are you interested in your own personal development? Do you spend a lot of time reading books and watching or listening to self development inspirational people ? Do you find that you are the one that helps and motivates friends and family and they always come to you for advice?


Want to Inspire and Empower People But Don’t Know How?

Many people feel the desire or need to support others but either don’t know how to do it, or they spend a lot of time and energy supporting others to the detriment of themselves, or they feel such a huge responsibility they shy away from giving any kind of support at all.


Embracing Fear to Find Our Power and Courage

Have you or your clients been paralyzed by fear? Have you felt the effects of living in fear yourself or observed the impact on those you love and the people you work with? Do you notice the voice of fear whispering in your ear or feel the emotions fear brings up inside your body?


Creating A Coaching Culture

How do organizations get the best out of their employees? How do they retain motivated, passionate people? How do companies take managers and turn them into leaders who inspire and support others?


Create Freedom By Leveraging Your Offering

As a coach, you may be really enjoying the one to one work and difference you are making in people’s lives. Do you also wonder if there are better ways to reach the people you serve? Do you sometimes feel totally stretched and wish you could clone yourself to create a more effective and a desired work/life balance? And/or do you wonder if there are more efficient and successful ways of earning income?


In Memory of Avril Baxter: An Inspiring Coach, Positive Change Agent and Beautiful Spirit

Her strong message for all us is to live our life fully, seize the opportunities, appreciate what we have and treat ourselves and others kindly and with love.


Diversity and Multiculturalism are Keys to Expansion

Separation of ourselves from others – whether it be individuals, groups, communities, countries – can mean we miss out on so much growth, getting things done, fulfillment and so much more.


Why Goals Are Not Met and How to Bring Them to Reality

Do you set objectives and find they are not met? Do you notice you have conversations with others that go around in circles? Are you in a role that supports others to create change and find they don’t achieve what you want?


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